Heading Back to Egypt

Asalamu alaykum,

Today marks our return to our beloved Misr (Egypt) and the leaving of our beloved America. We ask Allah to forgive us for our mistakes known and unknown. Please keep us in your prayers, ask Allah to raise our ranks and increase us in ‘ilm and hilm.


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  1. Jihad Rashad says:

    Salaamu alaikum brother,

    I pray that Allah swt protect your family and guide you all safely back to Egypt to capture more knowledge and wisdom of this beautiful deen of ours so that you can help enlighten us all, ameen.

    Hope to see you over there next year, inshallah.

  2. Remember us in your du’aa, Imam.

    Also, try to do more of those online lecture things like you did with Sunni Path – if you want, I can set one up independently, or even through AlMaghrib (uh oh, I’ve been labeled!)

    Lemme know insha Allah.

  3. Kas says:

    Imam, How long do you have left of you studies, in Alzhar. (I understand that studying the deen never ends).

  4. Ruh says:

    “ادخلوا مصر إن شاء الله آمنين”

  5. MR says:

    You shall be missed! What an eventful summer! Can’t wait till you come back, inshaAllah!

    Hopefully you’ll come to NY!

  6. Abdullah says:

    Asalamu alaykum brother Suhaib,

    Insha’Allah I will be heading to Egypt for a first time visit after Hajj to check out the places of learning and Azhar. I left you my email contact, and would hope to meet up with you and other brothers to find out more, visit, and possibly apply. You don’t have to publish this message on your website. If you can send me your contact in Egypt or the best way to contact you, insha’Allah I may get there.

    Jazak’Allahu khayr.
    Asalamu alaykum,
    – Abdullah

  7. Bro. Kenneth says:

    Assalam Alakium,
    I want to thank you for all of the insight and ilm that Allah has blessed you with. I must say that with all of your information on this website and on other media outlets (google videos) I felt like I was in seminary. I pray to Allah that you continue to inspire and educate others about this wonderful deen the way you have inspired me. I look forward to more in the future, inshallah. Please give my greetings to Bro. Suhail Mulla from California, he knows who I am. he presided over my wedding.

    Bro. Kenneth (from Cali)

    ps. I know you are busy, but I am still waiting for a response I gave on your ask the imam section of this website. :)

  8. .. says:

    Imam, when will you be done with your studies at Al-Azhar? when r u teaching @ almaghrib?

  9. waiting... says:

    for you to come back and update your blog. it’s a sign you’ve all gotten there safely inshaAllah. May Allah raise you and your family’s ranks and you and your wife’s ilm and hilm.

  10. Jaweed says:

    Shakie.. You just got up and bounced? Come back.. I need your spot!

  11. Syed Ahmed Karamatullah says:

    Shaykh Suhaib, Assalaamu-Alaykum wa’rahmathullahi wa’barakatuhu,

    I just wanted to say Jazakallahu-Khair for this website! It has been a blessing Alhamdulillah, to have you speaking to us and reminding us of the many rewards of Allah most exalted. I make dua’a for you and your family to continue on the path of sacred knowledge, because without people like you, who will be the rightful heirs of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAS).

    Also, when can we expect you to start teaching at Al-Maghrib,


    Syed Karamatullah

  12. "beatz" says:

    salam alaykum,

    On the day you and your family left I was thinking: it’s like Allaah brought you all to help me get focused, to help be a means of support and strength for some time, and then when you leave, InshaAllaah what I benefited from will be a means of helping me get through things throughout the year.

    please don’t forget us in your duaa. you are all an enormous means of support for me. I check your blog a lot not because you always update it, but because i feel like, ok, Alhamdullilah, knowledge, balance, support.

    and then today Alhamdullilah it suddenly hit me (again): ALLAAH is The Supporter!

    Sometimes we just need a reminder when going through tough times. Or good times… just all the time.

    you are all like family to us, may Allaah reward, preserve, protect and shower His Mercy on you all. and make you all of the muqarabeen

  13. shakib ahsan says:

    imam suhaib,
    salam alaikum, was hoping you might be around longer, well if that’s Allah’s (swt) will, maybe somewhere our paths will cross, for now alvida.

  14. admin says:

    Asalamu alaykum,

    Many thanks to all of you as well. Beatz, you are correct. Trust in Allah and He will suffice you. Never trust in creation as it is a mirage that few can escape from.


  15. Mohammed says:

    Asalamu alaykum,

    Ya Sheikh, this is Mohammed from OKC. It has been a while. I hope you are doing well. May Allah protect you and your family and increase you in your ‘ilm.

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