Global Evening of Qiyam for Egypt is calling for a Global Evening of Qiyam1 this Saturday February 12, 2011.

We ask everyone who visits this blog, no matter where you are, to organize a local qiyam program to pray for the people of Egypt. National Muslim organizations, MSAs and regional coalitions, masajid, youth groups, families – even groups of neighbors! – can come together and raise your hands in du`a‘ for the people of Egypt. The time is short, and the task is large. This global event may not go down in the history books, but we pray it goes down in something even more valuable: our records of deeds. We pray that Allah showers the earth with His angels on Saturday, and that they find His slaves crying in sincere prayer.

Just as the Egyptians used Facebook, Twitter, text messaging, and the internet to stand for their liberation, let us also join them in using these tools to gather masses of Muslims to pray qiyam.  When the Mubarak regime temporarily shut down the internet and cell phone services, they misunderstood something: they are unable to cancel the rest of the world’s access to these tools. They cannot control the blessings of Allah.

Let us honor the Egyptian example of using these tools for a just cause, and show them that the world is with them: standing in prayer, just as they are standing in Tahrir and elsewhere. The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ taught us that there is no veil between the prayer of the oppressed and their Creator. Let us appeal to Him in prayer as an ummah on the same evening asking for the same things.

Send in your photos and video clips by emailing submissions[at]suhaibwebb[dot]com. Leave a comment on this post, mentioning your location as well as your name and organization, if you plan on answering this call. Be from the first to answer—the sabiqoon2—and get more reward by commenting sooner rather than later, as your expression of solidarity will contribute to the momentum of others.

We will feature your qiyam event, big or small, insha’Allah so that the people in Egypt can see that we all stand behind them – and to show our Creator that we are not neglectful of  our brothers and sisters, and we have not turned away from His favors and signs. Rather, we have turned towards Him and remembered “the Days of Allah.”

  1. Qiyam is an extra prayer offered after Isha at night. During the witr du`a’, one is able to ask God to assist and liberate the people of Egypt. If prayed in congregation, everyone is able to share the same call, begging Allah to shower His Mercy and Aid upon the Egyptian people.
  2. Qur’an, 56:10-14.
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  1. Tarek says:

    Assalamo Alaikom

    Excellent initiative

    You have our full support at Reading Islam

    Jazakum Allah Khairan

  2. Islamic Association of North Texas in Richardson, TX will be hosting an evening of reflection and prayer.

    Joining us will be Shaykh AbdulNasir Jangda and Imam Yaseen Shaikh. Check out the event on our website here, called “Prayer for our People”

  3. Shafani says:

    Assalamu alaikum

    We have our group of friends ( moms and kids aged 2 to 20) usual gettogether for dinner on satureday. Insha allah we will make this occation in to something much more by joining in the prayer for the people of egypt.

    from Vancouver

  4. Afia says:

    I can’t arrange a congregation but I will, enshallah observe the Qiyam myself for the people of Egypt and for all the Muslim nation oppressed throughout the world.
    I pray for a transition in Egypt, a transition that’s beneficial and based on Islamic values of justice, ameen.

  5. Ines says:

    My family and I are planning to do this inshaAllah.

    From Malaysia

  6. Imam Eldib says:

    Alhadullah Islam bekhier

  7. Imam Eldib says:

    Alhudullah Islam bekheir brothers and sisters God bless you all

  8. Imam Eldib says:

    Thank you is not enough for



    and all of you

    Allahu akbar wa alhamdullah

    Wish if i were in California now to to check your hands and thank you all

    Imam Eldib
    Cairo Egypt

  9. Taha Hameduddin says:

    Salam Alaikum Imam,
    Alhamdulillah Islamic Center of Central Missouri in Columbia Missouri participated in a Qiyam. May Allah(SWT) accept from us. JazakAllah Khair.

    Taha H

  10. Emmatullah says:

    barak Allahu feekum,
    may we please do this again?

  11. a well wisher says:

    Assalaamualekum Imam Webb,

    I want to request you to please arrange another global Qiyam for the people of Egypt.

    Live Streaming from Al-Jazeera:

    Everyone please keep Egypt in your dua’s.

    Jazakum Allahu Khair

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