Global Evening of Qiyam for Egypt is calling for a Global Evening of Qiyam1 this Saturday February 12, 2011.

We ask everyone who visits this blog, no matter where you are, to organize a local qiyam program to pray for the people of Egypt. National Muslim organizations, MSAs and regional coalitions, masajid, youth groups, families – even groups of neighbors! – can come together and raise your hands in du`a‘ for the people of Egypt. The time is short, and the task is large. This global event may not go down in the history books, but we pray it goes down in something even more valuable: our records of deeds. We pray that Allah showers the earth with His angels on Saturday, and that they find His slaves crying in sincere prayer.

Just as the Egyptians used Facebook, Twitter, text messaging, and the internet to stand for their liberation, let us also join them in using these tools to gather masses of Muslims to pray qiyam.  When the Mubarak regime temporarily shut down the internet and cell phone services, they misunderstood something: they are unable to cancel the rest of the world’s access to these tools. They cannot control the blessings of Allah.

Let us honor the Egyptian example of using these tools for a just cause, and show them that the world is with them: standing in prayer, just as they are standing in Tahrir and elsewhere. The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ taught us that there is no veil between the prayer of the oppressed and their Creator. Let us appeal to Him in prayer as an ummah on the same evening asking for the same things.

Send in your photos and video clips by emailing submissions[at]suhaibwebb[dot]com. Leave a comment on this post, mentioning your location as well as your name and organization, if you plan on answering this call. Be from the first to answer—the sabiqoon2—and get more reward by commenting sooner rather than later, as your expression of solidarity will contribute to the momentum of others.

We will feature your qiyam event, big or small, insha’Allah so that the people in Egypt can see that we all stand behind them – and to show our Creator that we are not neglectful of  our brothers and sisters, and we have not turned away from His favors and signs. Rather, we have turned towards Him and remembered “the Days of Allah.”

  1. Qiyam is an extra prayer offered after Isha at night. During the witr du`a’, one is able to ask God to assist and liberate the people of Egypt. If prayed in congregation, everyone is able to share the same call, begging Allah to shower His Mercy and Aid upon the Egyptian people.
  2. Qur’an, 56:10-14.
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  1. Hossam AlJabri says:

    This is an excellent effort masha Allah. On behalf of MAS, I am calling on all of our chapters across America to participate in this Evening of Qiyam for Egypt. As an American who loves Freedom, and a Muslim who loves justice, I call on everyone to support this noble initiative.

    Hossam AlJabri, Muslim American Society Executive Director

    • Merfat Hassan says:

      Doa is a brain of worshiping…insha-Allah I will do the Qiam with my family and pray Allah to accept our doa and bless our brothers in Egypt(Muslims and Christians) and relief their suffering and bring them a good leader who has Taqwa and fear of Allah.

  2. jannah says:

    I think u should call this Global Evening of Prayer for Egypt so it includes non-Muslims and is more interfaith. Also, for ppl who aren’t in a community they can pray on their own iA. Jazaks!

  3. Muslema Purmul says:

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    I will participate in San Diego insha Allah. I know a Qiyam is being planned as I type.

    MAS, San Diego Chapter

  4. Marya says:

    I’ll be doing qiyaam Saturday night insha’Allah, with my family! SoCal represent. :)

  5. Question says:

    I always get the question about collective and organized qiyam when it comes to things like this. Can you please clarify. Some say it should only be done in Ramadan as that ws the prophetic precedent for an organized qiyam and the case of Ibn Abbas (r) joining the prophet (saw) in his qiyam doesn’t count as evidence for an organized qiyam.

    What are the conditions and evidences? I really would like to see a fiqhi discussion on it as sometimes qiyam programmes are organized at local masajid by youth groups as da’wah and tarbiyah activites. There’s a lot of goodness in them, but it always brings up the issue from some about their fiqhi basis.

    Some discussion on this would be much appreciated to clear doubts from anyone’s mind who may find himself holding back from your proposed global qiyam idea.

  6. Suhaib Webb says:

    I plan on doing it.


  7. Faizan YM says:

    Let’s see if Young Muslims can encourage all our chapters to participate as well insha Allah

  8. Abu Moussa says:

    Nice Idea. I come from Germany but spend these days in Jeddah and Mekkah. I try pray Quiam in front of the Kaaba.

  9. Expand Scope says:

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    Why don’t we expand the scope of the qiyyam to all of our brothers and sisters in the world, including Egypt?

    It is nice to see we are supporting our brothers and sisters, but how come our qiyyams and fundraising runs on the same cycle as the news (i.e., we only organize such events when the news covers these events)?

    Our brothers and sisters are struggling for freedom in our own neighborhoods and all over the world.

  10. Jamaal Diwan says:


    I’m in from San Diego iA!


  11. Abir says:

    I’m in from TN.

  12. Yasmin says:

    We’ll be joining at masjid Omar in Fullerton/Anaheim insha Allah!

  13. Hazim Nasaredden says:

    Assalaamu Alaikum,

    InshaAllah MAS YOUTH of Arizona will answer the call.


  14. As-salaamu’alaikum wa rahmatullah. The Muslim Youth Alliance at IIOC (aka Masjid Omar Al Farouk)will be in the house (of Allah), standing… and on their hands and knees insha’Allah.


  15. Mona Z says:

    UC Berkeley, CA insha’allah

  16. Muslim Sista says:

    I think the point is to do something locally, so if you have the capacity/ability to do an interfaith event that should be fine too. Just make sure to also pray some Qiyam and make dua! Not every effort needs to cover every possible angle– that’s for individual people to take initiative.

  17. Jinan says:

    I’m in Berkeley and will do it inshAllah. I’m also encouraging my friends in UAE to do it :D

  18. Moahmed khalil says:

    i am attending with all my senses inshaa Allah.
    may Allah accept our good deeds from us all.
    i have a suggestion, why don’t we exptend the event? why just one night? why not every night until this thing is over? or at least every week.
    Allahoma make the best of us be in charge of us and don’t make the worst of us in charge of us.
    May Allah forgive us all.
    Alhamdo lelahi Rabi Alalameen.

    Mohamed Khalil,
    Memphis, TN, USA

  19. Amal Killawi says:

    I pledge insA!

  20. Jamaal Diwan says:


    This just came from a friend there in Cairo. We can’t let the momentum die.

    “I can see things getting big again in the coming week
    in Egypt esp if the people keep getting more aggressive.
    tahreer isnt enough esp if they go to the presidential palace he has his own army (tanks, planes) that answer only to him. these people are ruthless tyrants who are probably ready to murder thousands more before leaving,
    but Allahu Akbar.”


  21. Shibli Zaman says:

    Fasting and Qiyam,
    Like its Ramadan!
    The place where Shaytan wrecks is,
    Down here in Sugar Land, Texas ;)

  22. dalia Abo-Haggar says:

    I pledge to make qiyam inshaa’Allah.
    But please make it interfaith.

  23. Aceile says:

    I plan on it, InshaAllah!

    -Tempe, AZ

  24. Assalaamualiakum,

    inshAlah, MAS YOUTH San Diego will participate.

  25. Haq says:

    London, UK iA :)

  26. Aïcha says:

    San Diego, CA – in sha’ Allah

  27. Naiyerah Kolkailah says:

    Insha’Allah I’m in too from Pismo Beach, California.

  28. Mariam says:


    Twin Cities- Minnesota.
    InshAllah for our Brothers and Sisters in Egypt. May Allah Bless all our efforts

  29. Osman Umarji says:

    Count us in, insha Allah. We’ll try to organize something here in they valley (socal).

  30. soondus says:

    inshaAllah! Southern California is in!

    We’re getting together at the Islamic Society of Orange County this Saturday inshaAllah.

    MAS OC

  31. Activist says:

    Young Muslims (ICNA) holding it down at usual! MAS is working too. Where are the MSA WEST and MSA National folks at? Let’s get ISNA, CAIR, MPAC, al-Maghrib, neighborhood coalitions, families, everyone. Interfaith or otherwise, let’s mobilize to do what we can!

  32. Alaa Suliman says:

    Imam Suhaib’s OWN home-town has got to represent!!

    We are in insha’Allah!

    Bay Area,CA

  33. Omair Q. says:

    Southern California MAS Chapters, ISOC, ICOI Youth Group and many others will be at the ISOC masjid all night insha’allah!

  34. Omair says:

    MAS Southern California Chapters with ISOC and ICOI Youth Group will answer the call iA

  35. Salwa Rashad says:

    Excellent idea. I plan to do it with my family.

  36. Maryam Amir-Ebrahimi says:

    inshaAllah down!

  37. Imam Abul-Hussein says:

    I pledge myself to the effort, inshAllah.

    May Allah transform us all for the good.

  38. Ghezal says:

    I plan to attend this in San Diego insha’allah along with the rest of my family.

  39. Zarmina says:

    My family will participate in this insha Allah.

  40. Layla Jalanbo says:

    If Corona Masjid doesn’t hold one, then there will be one for sisters at my house insha’Allah!

  41. Issra Dalil says:

    Insha’a Allah, I am down

  42. MSA National encourages all chapters to join together in this beautiful initiative and pray for peace, safety, justice and human rights for our brothers and sisters in Egypt.

  43. fatimah mardhiyah says:

    insya Allah,will perform at home with loved fact,the freedom for people of egypt is always in my daily prayers and du’aaa

  44. Saira Lari says:

    MCA, iA.

  45. Student says:

    can there be a call to do Du’a in Qunut in the 5 prayers?

  46. fatimah mardhiyah says:

    insya Allah will perform one at home with loved fact,the freedom for people of egypt is always in my daily prayers n du’aaa

  47. Amr says:

    Will do iA from San Diego

  48. Imam Eldib says:

    God bless you all

    This is more than what i have excepected

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