Brass Crescent Awards 2010

brass crescent 2010 The Brass Crescent Awards are back!

What’s that?

The BCAs were started in 2004 with the purpose of promoting the best writing of the Muslim web and exposing them to a greater number of readers. They are awarded annually based on the Islamic calendar. Nominations begin after Ramadan, with a panel of judges narrowing the nominees down to five in each category. Voting then begins and concludes shortly before Eid al-Adha, when the winners are announced.

How do the BCAs work?

Readers nominate their favorite blogs to the Brass Crescent Awards
A panel of judges will validate the pool of nominees to select the five finalists
Readers will then vote for the top blogs in each category
We do not select or deny nominees on the basis of ideology, as this conflicts with our goal of highlighting the diversity of the Muslim blogosphere. So long as nominees consider themselves to be working in the best interests of Muslims and/or Muslim/non-Muslim relations, and are accepted as such by the bulk of their readers, they will be eligible for nomination to the BCA, in the spirit of the Qur’anic injunction to “compete, then, with one another in doing good works” (5:48).
The judging process
  • Readers nominate their favorite blogs to the Brass Crescent Awards.
  • A panel of judges validate the pool of nominees to select the five finalists.
  • Readers will then vote for the top blogs in each category.

Voting will continue from now until Friday, November 19th. We encourage everyone to vote for the blogs they appreciate! Vote at the Brass Crescent. Note: you must confirm your vote through email, so check your inbox/spam after voting. has been nominated for the Best Blog category and Jinan Bastaki’s “How to Taste the Sweetness of Prayer” Series was nominated for Best Series category. May Allah reward all of those whose hard work has made this possible. We also would like to thank those who nominated the website – may Allah subhanahu wa ta`ala allow us to continue to work for His sake, bless this project, and accept from all of us.

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  1. Ahmed says:

    As salaamu alaikum! I’ve already placed my votes and don’t worry, I’ve given my vote for Best Blog for this site – hoping for a repeat in that category for all of you here! All the best!

  2. One of my articles, “Remembering a Good Friend Who Died Badly” – written for my Islamic Sunrays blog – has been nominated in the same category as sister Jinan Bastaki’s amazing series on prayer. It’s ironic because sister Jinan’s series was one of my many inspirations in starting that blog last year. So I just wanted to say that though I fully expect to lose to Jinan’s moving and thought-provoking articles, it’s an honor to be one of her co-nominees, Alhamdulillah.

  3. Ahmed says:

    Mabrook to Sr. Jinan and the entire site for the Best Series Award this year!!!!!

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