Akh Suhaib: What are your plans for the summer?

Asalamu alaykum,

We praise Allah and send peace and blessings upon the Prophet, his family and companions.

I plan to be in the states in late July inshallah. In August, I will start teaching in the Bay area again. I will be teaching after Fajr Mon-Thurs at the MCA. Here are the subjects we plan to cover:

1. Memorization of Qur’an [serious students need to finish two Juz by late September]

2. Fiqh – we will study the Matn of Ibn Ashir and for the advanced students the Risalah of Abi Zaid with Sh. al-‘Adawi’s commentary

3. Arabic – Aajrumiyah and for the advanced students Qatra Nada

4. Usol – The Matn of Ibn Abi Kaf then al-Hattab’s explanation of al-Waraqat.

5. Adab – Some of the poems of Ahmed Shawqi

6. Hadith – Memorization of the 40 hadith with sanad

7. Fitness – There will also be a fitness program organized by some local trainers

8. Activism – Community activism organized by MAS

Cost: Dua for me in the middle of the night

Recorded: Yes, inshallah and we are thinking to webcast this.

In addition, we plan to offer 3-4 courses here at the website from July till Ramadan taught by a group of American Azharis.

Cost: Dua for us in the middle of the night

Suhaib Webb

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  1. J says:

    Imam Suhaib, will you be done with your Ifta course by that time (i.e. August) ?

  2. shaen says:

    as salamu alykum does that mean we can learn online arabic etc?

  3. Bro. Kaleem says:

    AA Imam,
    So will you be back for good or are you returning to Egypt next academic year.

  4. This will make this Summer my Best Summer insha Allah. I cant wait!

  5. JYB says:

    I want to come :(

  6. Amatullah says:

    mashaAllah. may Allah grant you and the students tawfeeq to complete the studies, Ameen!

  7. raheem says:

    sounds like it will be a eventful and well spent summer, good use of your time. I wish I lived in your area, the bay area. The area is full of scholars, like hamza yusuf, zaid sakie, suhaib weeb and more, may ALLAH preserve them for the future of the ummah. I hope i will soon move to the state of california and work with the l.e.o segment, salaams to all.

  8. Zubair Khan says:

    Can't wait inshaAllah :-D!

  9. Anon says:


    JazakAllah khayr for your time — is this going to be for sisters as well?

  10. Furqan says:


    May Allah protect you. This an awesome event glad to hear it will be on the web for us who are unfortante to live in land of American Islam. I am jealous of the Muslim leaving in the Bay Area so much knowledge resides there, InshAllah one day I will be able to visit :)

  11. Arshada says:

    as salaam alikuim Suhaib,

    can you briefly mention the main topics covered in Qatra Nada.

    Jezkallah khair,

  12. Marya says:

    I agree w/Angie :) please do webcast!

  13. J says:

    Call me selfish, but I wish YQ lived in the Bay Area too. :'(

  14. Omar says:

    webcast bigtime please

  15. Dunia says:

    Come down to SoCal for a few days' vacation and visit us with your family just for fun. We have lots of space. PS- the west coast is the best coast, man, beats boston, mashallah!

  16. Abc says:

    When are you coming to Chicago, Shaykh Suhaib Webb?
    We are looking forward to your visit!

  17. Musa Franco says:

    Salaam Alaykum

    You should make it into a set. I would cop it in a heart beat.

  18. Asha says:

    Allahu Akbar! Its times like these that am glad to be an MCA'er ;)

    I am sure Ramadan this year will be off the hook, if there is anything special you have in mind our qabeelah is ready to help!

    Will you be joining us for Ilm Summit as well Imam Suhaib? me and you missed it last year but I hope to see you in Houston inshaAllah ta ala!

  19. Zubair Khan says:

    How many people will be interested if we stream this live online?

  20. Amatullah says:

    *waves hand* ME! InshaAllah!

  21. sis says:

    I'd be interested! (If it's advertised like the other class Strengthening our Souls is advertised, i'd assume at least 20-40 people would be interested in the webcast, wa Allaahu 'alam)

  22. sunspots1 says:

    live is fine. but if not, recorded and webcast is good too.

  23. Allah's slave says:


    Jazakh Allah Khair Brother Suhaib….
    please webcast and record as well
    the course is a lil expensive though:)
    Our prayers are always with you…

    Cant Wait InshaAllah…like Brother Musa so rightly said:
    You should make it into a set…We would cop it in a heartbeat

  24. Safa Omar says:

    I would be interested! But Cali is three hours ahead of me… so I would prefer a recording to watch after our Fajr here.

  25. khan says:


    i dont want to waste my summer by doing nothing. I intend to start memorizing Holy Quran and want to put my all potential in learning it. I visited this blog and want to know how can i participate in your summer program. I really want to memorize Holy Quran and hadiths. Looking forward to your cooperation.


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