11 Heroes!

I am in Spirit, Supplication and Heart 100% behind the Irvine 11! It is in the shade of Abdullah bin Masod, Hassan bin Thabat, Ashabul Kahf and Hassan and Hussein (ra), that they stood up! I encourage everyone to support them, call and ensure that nothing happens to them, all be it in a legal manner! I’m with you brothers and sisters!


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  1. JYB says:

    YES! Everyone email the chancellor!

  2. Osman says:

    May Allah reward the brothers and sisters involved. Glad to know there are Muslims who don’t accept the status quo and stand up for what they believe in. Nor do they fear the blame of others, as long as they are on the side of truth.

    In a time where everywhere is so scared to say or do anything due to the climate of fear, these individuals should be commended and are examples for all of us to follow.

    While many of us who are older, have jobs, and families will come up with excuses not to engage and organize against the corrupt politicians, these individuals remind us that the struggle will go on with or without us.

    May Allah give them strength and support, and keep us loyal to the truth and nothing else.

  3. Zahid says:

    Thank you Shaykh for taking a clear position. Even though I do not agree with the protest approach, I do think these brothers deserve our support as the University is dealing with them harshly.

  4. Abu Majeed says:

    Allahu Akbar,

    We need to properly train and organize these type of protests whenever applicable. All Muslims should support these people.

  5. robin mahmud says:

    Wsalaams wrb,

    JazakALlah khair for your support and message. Dear imam, do you have any good book recommendations that discusses what Hassan, Hussein, Abdullah ibn Masood, Abdallah ibn Zubair and their likes stood up for.

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