Wise words for the Student of Knowledge from Imam al-Subki [ra]

Wise words of Imam al-Subki [ra] 

“An intelligent student of mine remains as such until he delves into the differences that occurred between the salaf.”

After warning the student to avoid the differences that occurred between the great scholars he says,

“Like (what occurred) between Ahmad and al Muhassibi…for, indeed, if you busy yourself with these things, I fear for your demise…there is nothing for us except to be pleased with them, being quiet about their differences, just as they were about the differences amongst the Companions [ra].”

Tabaqat al-Shaf’iyah vol. 2 pg. 39

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  1. JYB says:

    Lol the problem is that the people who DO delve into these differences are those that do not know much about the whole [icture to begin with :S May Allah guide us all. Thank you for this important reminder.

  2. Abdullah R says:


    Dear Imam Suhaib,

    Jazakallahu Khairan for the post.

    I have a question: How does one keep quite about an issue, while also teaching a certain view?

    I.e. if a Scholar were to subscribe to Imam Muhasibi;s view, would he only quote/narrate/propogate that view or should he also provide other view? If the answer is the later, should he also give a final verdict on the issue (i.e. who is right, or preferable) or stay quite?


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