Searching for the Night of Power

Imam al-Razi stated,

1558932256_21edfcc8a4_b“Allah (subhanahu wa ta`ala – exalted is He) concealed this night like He did with many things: He concealed His pleasure with acts of obedience so one will strive towards them all, the answer to supplications so one will work towards making every supplication matter, His greatest name so people will magnify all of His names, His acceptance of repentance so one will repent for every sin, the time of one’s death so one will use his entire life for worship and He hid this night so people will worship Him every night [from the last 10 nights of Ramadan].” [Tafsir al-Kabir]

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  1. Justin says:

    Salaamu Alaykum,

    Good reminder, Shaykh. By the way, some Masaajid announce Laylat al-Qadr in advance as if they knew when it was! What’s up with that?

    • Ayesha says:

      Many masaajid choose one of the days that they decide that they will host as the night of power (laylatul-qadr) but in reality no one truly knows. Any good is from Allah and any bad is from me. Allah knows best :)

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