Towards Refinement and Maturity: al-Azhar al-Sharif Instructs how to Handle Controversial Issues


We’re Still Not There Yet.


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  1. Smile it's Sunnah =) says:

    one day, inshallah..?

    actually I'm making the niyah right now, God willing, to apply this correct attitude in my conversations and dealings with my muslim brothers and sisters.

    “Ya Muqallibul Qulub, Thabit Qulubuna ala dinuk”

  2. JYB says:

    lol Hope and Change! Barak Allah feek ya sheikh, things will change, slowly but surely with teachers like you inshAllah!

    It's funny; when I was reading all the comments arguing about the permissibilty vs impermissibility, i was thinking “wasn't the whole point of the statement that we should avoid this jadal when there are trustworthy scholars have differed??”

    The Prophet (pbuh) said:

    “I guarantee a house in the surroundings of Paradise for the one that avoids quarrelling; even if he was in the right”
    - Abu Dawud

    Sheikh, you didn't continue uploading the 10 rules for debating in Islam. I think we got to point 3 or 4. Perhaps after a recap of them you can post that statement again. Maybe we will have learnt something by then ;) inshAllah

  3. realist says:


    I apologize if I was out of line.

  4. Nadeem Gulam says:


  5. bint Ali says:

    Salaam :-)

    I'm not sure what is on this page, are there any links? I cannot see any

    Jazakum Allah khair

  6. You're a little bit late for the joke I'm afraid :-)

    The sheikh posted something related to the title, but the comments left didn't really fit unfortunately. Hence the message of hope for the future from President Subama.

  7. bint Ali says:

    darn it

  8. Abu Almiskar says:

    Wa billahi taufiq wal hidayat!!!

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