The Palestinian Holocaust Memorial Museum (PHMM)

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  1. shakib says:

    they say that racial difference based on colour is a capitalist construct, a project to control the supply of unfree labour in the new world. the new world marketed, the old world (europeans) consumed and the rest of the world largely provided the materials, labour and business. but the settler colonialists couldn’t reproduce as fast as they needed, so they allowed immigration. they needed bodies of labour that were festering for freedom but would not be allowed to reproduce. they will be cowed to work but would not be allowed to dream. they will be kept on a diet of gruelling hope but will not be allowed to drastically despair.

    when i look at the faces of the dead children of gaza, i know that they belong to a long list of children who perished in the prairies of neo-liberal markets or in the name of ethno-nationalism or in the wombs of a world hungry for money so we could have a capitalist economy that gurantees a systematic slavery, based on class or race or the colour of the skin, where the only absolute is exploitation whether for land, for greed, for salvation.

    the children of gaza are not the first, nor will they be the last, but its their death that is hard to recompense with. it symbolises the loss of our innocence, our morality and our manhood. every death is a manifesto of our glorious detente, our fiery resistence and our moral victory. the children of gaza are the best gifts we have for our posterity, the youngest, bravest and quickest of sacrifices we made in the name of continuity, submission and peace.

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