The Extinction of the Relevant Jurist by Dr. ‘Amir Wardani

Dr. ‘Amir Wardani, head of the Egyptian Dar al-Ifta’s training program noted, I’m paraphrasing, the following:

In order to create true mufti’s we must revive a system that has long been forgotten. By reading books and sitting with scholars, students will gain cognition of the subject, but lack the methods and skills to employ their craft and refine it. The outcome is a disconnect from the spirit of the law, creative thinking and the dynamics needed to address a global community. For that reason, any realistic attempt to resuscitate an educational system that will create, empower and employee true legal giants needs the following:

  • Academic mastery
  • Hands on training
  • Spiritual training and progress


The outcome will provide a dynamic person whose discourse is not dead,  irrelevant to the masses, nor stepped in an inability to think, synthesize and provide answers. On the contrary, such a person will bring a law that is alive, a mind that is relevant and a heart that beats with the pulse of the masses. A mercy to the lost, a pillar for the found; a beacon for the umma.

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  1. maryam says:

    may Allah make anyone who wants to be amongst them amongst them. ameen

  2. Moaz says:


    May Allah give the best of Rewards to Sheikh Suhaib Webb for all the knowledge he has passed on to us, and the knowledge soon to come insha Allah.

    And I ask Allah to give us the most benefits we can get from Scholars like Sheikh Suhaib Webb and Dr. S’ad al-Din al-Hilali


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