The Case for Political Participation


  1. Rami BK says:

    Salamualakum Sh Suhaib

    Eid Mubarak, hope all is well with you and your family.

    I just wanted to ask a question about the verse of the Quran that says don’t take the Jews and Christians as your “awliya.” Can awliya here mean as your leaders? Also the question of are we accountable if we vote for a someone and they chose to promote something unIslamic? Jazakhallah khair

  2. Haq says:

    Where can I get hold of the Fatawa of the Maliki Scholars in Spain? seems interesting

  3. Suhaib Webb says:

    Asalamu alaykum,

    According to Dr. Jamal Badawi awliya is contextualized to a battle situation. Meaning, one were to go Benedict Arnold on his army and fight with the opposition during an actual battle.

    Haq! I cannot recall the name of the book. However, upon my return to Cairo, inshallah, I will let you know.


  4. AbdelRahman says:

    Did you use the MicroTrack recorder? Sounds cleaaaaaan masha Allah!

  5. mulsimah says:


    awesome! JazakAllahu Kair!

    unfortunately some hadiths even scholars cant explain. but i like it when they say its from Allah swt and He knows best and it may be beyond our comprehension instead of justifying it by their own opinions bc that just maks it more confusing.

    sorry went out of subject…

  6. mulsimah says:


    on that note jazkAllahu Kair for this blog. I really appreciate it as im sure many others do also. Its really important. I cant explain why now. I do hope sheikh hamza yusuf and Imam Zaid shakir follow in these footsteps so we can understand more and other scholars like imam sirajj wahaj also.

  7. Joyhamza says:

    salaam alaikum,

    I am not an american. In fact I live in Bangladesh. I have heard your lectures and liked them a lot mashaAllah. I follow your blog quite intently as well.

    That being said and risking the fact I am not an american thus my understanding might not be very sound, I would like to pose a question. What you said in these lectures are principles which I understand and agree. But listening to the debate of Mccain/Obama what alarmed me is that while Mccain wants to keep the troops in Iraq, Obama only is interested to shifting it to Afghanistan. His difference is not a humane one or moral, rather a tactical. I dont understand the US home policies that better so will not go to that tangent.

    But is there really a telling benefit if Obama comes to office? Considering the fact that Obama is already having an edge in the polls, is there really a need for a US muslim to go for him? What are the US muslims going to lose by not voting at all than to going for Obama. My questions are about this particular election only.

    Shaykh I posed these questions only to understand not to debate. Baarakallahu Feekum.

  8. mulsimah says:


    I apologise for interfering if the question was only for the sheikh.

    To get the facts str8 Mcain has also stated ‘we need more troops in Afghanistan’ So they both will do that.
    There is a major need for USMuslims to go for Obama because Obamas policies are definately different and better. He has been consistent with his policies about being against the war and about torture. Mcain sais hes against torture but he voted against habeas corups for detainees. Both which Mcain has not. Some of Mcains supporters are anti islam. Mcain has said he would not approve of a Muslim being pres (altho he changed his mind later) Mcains policies are not much diff fromBush’s and we know where that led us. He as a disastrous health care plan which is important to every person living in america , muslim or not.
    Obama does not just want to transfer troops , he wants to end the war in Iraq. Mcain has mentioned no time period for ending the war. They are not ‘equal in evil’ as some say.
    If muslims dont vote in this election then they cannot complain.

  9. Joyhamza says:

    Jazaakillahu khairan sister Muslimah. I would still love to get some insight from the shaikh as well. :)

  10. Joyhamza says:

    And just to add with why I feared that Obama’s policy is a tactical one, not humane is that the debate at one phase was discussing which one is the central war zone, Iraq or Afghanistan/Pakistan. So at least seemed like they are not debating on whether they stop the war or not, it was more where to fight it. Again I will fully submit my being a non-american misses a lot of the story. Allahu A’alam.

  11. mulsimah says:


    yes Obama was trying to say that we should have never gone into Iraq in the first place. many say it is an ‘illegal’ war. he was trying to say after 9/11 we should of focused on one place, afganistan.

  12. mulsimah says:

    but I understand his tone scared many muslims. the thing is that hes just honest. if he was really against muslims he wouldnt care to talk to iran, while mcain say that we should not ‘talk’ and hold dialogue, what does that mean , that we should just take action? Also guantanamo lawyer all support Barack Obama (i will post the proof) he has actually helped them. so we know that he is just not talk, he has showed action already.
    here it is:
    chek out his other articles involving the candidates also.

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