By Anonymous Sister


In the stillness of the night
I look out through my window,
I make heartfelt pleas,
For the pain to just go.

Is anybody listening,
Listening to my prayer?
Or is the wind carrying it
Far, far away?

The world is sleeping
Under the beauty of the moon.
I feel a Presence, reassuring me,
It’ll be alright soon.

The world wakes up,
Ready for the day,
It throws trials and hardships
All my way.

But I have Someone,
Someone Who is with me.
Someone Who Knows Everything,
But Whom my eyes can’t see.

Days passed into months
Months into years,
My Reassurance reassured me,
I know about your tears.

On this day,
I want the world to know,
My sadness and tears,
Have been replaced with joy.

I knew it would come,
Somehow, someday.
Thank You my Lord,
Thank You in everyway.


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  1. Sr. Aysha Khanom says:

    Asalamu Alaykum,

    Nice words mashAllah

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