Ramadan Rulings for Women in the of Light of al-Qawaid al-Kubra: al-’Allamah Muhammad al-Hassan Walid al-Dido al-Shanqiti [part one]

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[I begin] with the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Exerciser of Mercy. I send prayers and salutations upon the one brought out as a mercy to everything, his family, companions and whoever follows his guidance and his way until the Last Day.

Indeed, women are distinguished with several specific rulings [in Islamic law]. That is because the Shari’ah rulings are built on consideration of differences between individuals, kindness and gentleness. Allah [The Exalted] says:

“He [Allah] did not place upon you, in the religion [Islam], any hardship.”

The 7 Parameters of mushaqa [hardships]:

There is a universal maxim, from the major maxims of Shari’ah, which states “Hardship brings ease.” Thus, if something causes difficulties for people, then Allah [The Exalted] lifts the obligation of its observance and removes its hardship. For that reason, the scholars mentioned the precepts of hardship [meaning the applicability of this maxim] as: sickness, weakness, insufficiency, abundance, traveling, indecisiveness and fear. These precepts [if present] will lead to hardship. Thus, if any one of them presents themselves ,the Shari’ah takes it into consideration [by assigning it a ruling that relieves its burden].

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  1. Shama says:

    JazakAllah khair for the article. I was looking for rulings on pregnant or nursing women in the article but I guess it covers only mensturation

  2. Umm M says:

    Asalam aleikum

    You mentioned we can post a question on your web site. Where do we post the question?

    jazakalllah Kheir

  3. Rubina Pervez says:


    Jazakallah Khair for all the sessions you have done at Bay Area. Unfortunately, I am unable to browse some of you lectures featured in your website for not all the servers unable to read it. I wanted to go over your sessions you did with sisters at MCA, on August. Would you ask the people who manage your website to run through and check this site through if not all, most of the servers? I also have a question if you could please reply it; I will appreciate it.

    Recently, I heard some conflict in opinion regarding how to go on if women’s period starts few minutes before breaking the fast, during Ramadan. Some were saying that women’s fasting spoils if period starts even two three minutes ago, before its time to break the fast, and she has to make up for for that day as well. More over, it is Faraz and must to follow, for men and women, the exact time what your mosque has provided you. If you differ even a minute or two, your fasting for that day will not be counted, and you have to do make up for that day. Brother Suhaib, Can you please guide us regarding those issues and tell us the right rulings.

    Jazakallah Khair,
    Rubina Pervez

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