Tafsir Surat Al-Layl (Part II)

In his Wednesday night class at MCA, Imam Suhaib Webb explains the second part of Surat Al-Layl (Qur’an, 92).

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  1. FA says:

    Salam, just a quick comment. I’ve been listening to a few of these tafsirs and trying to annotate whilst going along – they are really helpful and its hard to get things like this elsewhere.

    2 small points if possible. it would great would be if SW could please explain a few of the arabic terms he uses as sometimes (understandably!) in mid-flow he does forget to do this!

    Secondly it would be nice at times if he could use a little preparatory listing (e.g. “so we are going to talk about these 3 meanings [list meanings] and then explain each in turn. Or also a little bit more summarisation at the end of each section (eg. “so we have seen the word “lail” has been refferred to as [a,b,c]. Particularly as there are no ‘powerpoint’ slides we can refer to during the talk (or maybe even there could be use of bullet points at the side of the screen)

    ANYWAYS Alhamdullilah he has a nice style of explanation and no-one wants a telegraphic tafsir but I wondered if these would help just re-enforce some of the messages he delivers (particularly to the quasi autistic amongst us!) and help us remember these points when we use the Surah’s in prayer etc once the session is over.



    (i would guess maybe better if the comment is conveyed but not published instead)

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