Tafsir Surat Al-Balad (Part I)

In his Wednesday night class at MCA, Imam Suhaib Webb explains the first part of Surat Al-Balad (Qur’an, 90).

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  1. Huda says:

    This is a wonderful video. I am truly grateful for Suhaib Webb’s interpretations. He is so helpful! I just want to make sure I understood a part about 3/4 of way into the video. Is it halal to say you belong to a different faith when people are torturing you for being Muslim?

    • Syafiqa says:

      I think you should stick to what you stand for, your faith, ultimately.
      Allah is the All-Knowing, the Best Guardian.
      So no matter what, trust in Allah, and surely His help will be with you.

  2. z says:

    May Allah reward you for all your effort Ameen

  3. Abdullah says:

    Which translation is that? I am thinking it is the Oxford translation by Prof. Abdel Haleem.

  4. Abdullah says:

    SubhanAllah. This is really ‘heavy’ stuff. I understood what you said and I am feeling the weight of the Quran with this explanation. May Allah forgive us for abandoning the Quran, amen.

  5. aisam says:

    subhanallah…may Allah bless you..WE NEED MORE PEOPLE LIKE YOU WHO KNOW ISLAM AND TEACH ISLAM IN US.May ALLAH give hidayah to State.

  6. farhana siddique says:

    Assalamulekum, I really got benefited from surah Albabald, we do weekly darse quran at our home in Jeddah, I really wish that Imama Suhaib has all Juzw Amma para 30 all surah’s tafseer. I narrated some points from his lecture. It is was most wonderful op[portunity to know about surah through him, May Allah swt grant him and your all team Deen, Dunya and Akhrat’s Hasanah, Inshallah Ameen
    Please post more lectuures online

  7. Fahmi Ismail says:

    Subhanallah…i like the way Imam Suhaib Webb presentation and lectures in Malaysian TV program,”Reflection”…about tafsir

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