Tafsir Surat Al-Layl (Part I)

In his Wednesday night class at MCA, Imam Suhaib Webb explains the first part of Surat Al-Layl (Qur’an, 92).

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  1. imran says:

    man, that noor on his face!

  2. ilhaam says:

    mashaAllah :) loved it!

  3. imran says:

    i cant see the video. 2 much noor on Shaykul Islams face!

  4. Suhaib Webb says:


    Okay. First, I’m no Sheikh al-Islam. Secondly, there are huge camera lights there.


  5. amena mabrouk says:

    One of the best lectures I’ve heard in a looong time. The tefseer is well explained. May Allah(sw) reward you and grant you the highest level of Jannah…amen

  6. sheikhonderun says:


    Could someone upload mp3 please!!

  7. Z says:

    AS — thank you so much — you start out talking about the alternate name of the sura — do you want to add the alternate name to the tag list?

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