How to Develop a Relationship with the Qur’an

Short but important advice by Shaykh Suhaib on developing a relationship with the Qur’an.

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  1. tkb says:

    'Way to the Qur'an' by Khurram Murad (recommended in thhe audio)

    May Allah make it of benefit and reward the author, Ameen

  2. shakib says:

    jzk suhaib for pointing to the book, WTQ, by sh. murad, it can be found online

  3. Abdullah says:

    Alhamdulillah I like listening to these podcasts I usually download them from itunes thanks for putting them on iTunes it’s very convenient. I was a little confused during this short podcast though. Shaykh suhaib was like “Unfortunately Muslims have a fetish for memorizing Quran,which is great..” lol when you say something is unfortunate then you’re not supposed to say that it’s great right after. MemoriZing the Quran and becoming hafiz is an amazing thin I don’t think it should ever be referred to as unfortunate. No matter the context. I think I have an idea what shaykh hafiz suhaib was tryna say but I think he shoulda been a little more clear. But besides this little thing I really liked the advice inshallah I’ll check out that but book by Khurram murad. Jazakallah and keep the podcasts coming.

  4. Safura says:

    Subhanullah let me say that I was muslim for YEARS before I began memorizing more than a few surahs in arabic. I LOVED the quran and read it in a language I understood so that it became part of my thoughts. THEN I began learning more surahs ini arabic. A WONDERFULL website to help those who already can read arabic script is

  5. Masduki says:

    Good website, it’s very helpfull

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