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It’s hard, living so far away from a man we love so much. It’s hard, not being able to see his blessed face ourselves, or smell the sweet smell that he was famous for emitting. It’s hard not having witnessed the epitome of human mercy. It’s hard not ever being able to hear his blessed voice reciting the Qur’an. But most of all, it’s hard not knowing—would he love me if he knew me? Take comfort, he loved you more than you could even imagine.

We know that the relationship between our beloved Messenger ﷺ (May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and the companions was a very unique relationship. They loved him greatly and it was easy to see that he loved them as well. They believed in the message he brought while many of his people mocked him and belittled him. They were by his side in the tough times, willing to sacrifice their very own lives for him. Often it is easy to wish and crave that we were in their shoes, loving the Prophet ﷺ whole heartedly and being loved.

Our beloved Messenger ﷺ, a few days before the greatest calamity, his very own death, was walking by his companions (as at this time he had difficulty walking on his own) and uttered words that will fill any Muslim’s heart with joy and comfort. He said to them ‘I wish that I could meet my brothers. At first glance it is easy to assume that he is talking about the previous Prophets or Messengers from the past. The companions were also confused so they asked him ‘Are we not your brothers?’ He replied ‘You are my companions; my brothers are those who will believe in me, without having seen me.

Allahu Akbar! (God is Great)

He yearned to meet us. His heart was filled with true love for us: the ones who believe in him yet have not seen him, and if there is one thing we know about his love-it’s that it is not superficial love. There is no greater feeling in this world than to love and to be loved back, now imagine loving the best of creation, and knowing for a fact that he loved you right back. Wa Alhamdulillah (and Praise be to God).

May we be included in those whom he speaks about when he says ‘my brothers are those who will believe in me without having seen me’ and may we drink from his blessed hands at the fountain on the Day of Judgment. And most of all, may we be blessed with his blessed companionship in Jannah (Paradise) and never again have to be separated from our beloved, sal Allahu alayhi wa salam.

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  1. Atika says:

    Alllahumma Solli ala Saiyyidina Muhammad <3

  2. mehmudah says:

    beautiful, jazak Allah for writing this very sweet article

  3. eenatzy says:

    this article brings me to tears

  4. Maryam says:

    This brought me to tears especially the question of whether or not he sallalaahu alayhi wasallam would have loved us if he knew us, it’s hard to think that he wouldn’t have with how we as Muslims behave nowadays but we have to believe he would have and does love us inshallah . These articles are my favourite type because they evoke such emotion and really makes me miss him.

  5. Justin says:

    Allah is the Greatest. Peace and blessings be upon Muhammad.

  6. Anon says:


    Beautiful article, jazom Allahu khairan for posting it.

    I just wanted to clarify something. Was there a typo and you intended to say “sweet smell”, or were you stating that his sweat was fragrant (which i dont doubt, because ive learned his sweat was blessed with healing abilities)?

    i would appreciate the clarification, thank you

  7. Ali Assegaf says:

    Assalamu `alaikum .. ukhuwah regards .. sorry if my english is not good, because I am from Indonesia, this article provides light where we can observe reality. This is very nice and provide the depth information. thank you top this article, nice … … jazakallahu khair ..

  8. Gabriel says:

    May the choicest Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon the one who on that day will say Ummati Ummati…

  9. Ikran says:

    This article definitely touched me. Jazakallah for the inspiring short article may we be with our beloved Prophet Muhammad salAllahu alayhi wa salam in the Hereafter. Ameen

  10. Fety says:

    I’m not understand why so many sadness.. why it is really hard even to see Muhammad s.a.w in dream frequently. I really dunno what’s wrong with me but I really feel upset almost..I wish I can meet Allah and tell Allah many stories that I want to tell even Allah already knew it. But I hope it

  11. JIA says:

    very beautiful article.

  12. Tariq Masrur says:

    I always felt Muhammad (SAW) was the brother that I never had. Seriously, I mean I see most people revere him like he was someone out of this world or something. But I felt differently. When I read about the times he was grieving, for example, when his son Ibrahim died, I also grieved as though my brother had lost his son. When I read about his moment of joy, I smiled. When I read about his strength, I felt proud that Allah had made my brother strong unlike myself. I always felt I knew him. I am a nobody, but I could connect with him as though he was my brother. And now this Hadith of the prophet made me so happy that I am doing something that I never did; share my feelings with others. I ask Allah to forgive me if I have said more than I should have.

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