Sweetness of Life

You made me see the light of life; you put life in me, and helped me
taste the sweetness of Emaan.

How can I let this beauty of life go?

You taught me right from wrong, made me distinguish good from evil.

How could I let this beauty of life go?

You gave me goals and aspirations.

You gave me hope and patience.

You gave me motivation and inspiration.

How could I let this beauty of life go?

You gave me wisdom, taught me truth from falsehood.
You saved me from darkness.

Through The beauty you placed in this life,

I fear if ‘ill be amongst those who be veiled from your beauty and your meeting,

I be astonished by the beauty of nature, Yet you are the
Creator of Beauty.

No words will do Justice to your infinite magnitude.

All Praise and thanks are due to you for showing me the light of life,
without you life has no beauty, it has no enjoyment, nor is it worth
living but in your worship.

Hardships seem light when I remember you, even
in that you place beauty.

I could cry an ocean for you, but its
sweetness will never fade,

Nor will my eyes find rest but in that they weep more for you.

Forgive me for my ignorance of You, my expressions are of no

Make me amongst the sincere, and of those you unveil your
magnificence to.


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  1. habib says:

    Salam, Brother Suhaib. I read your poem at around 14 :45 GMT. I found it inspiring; hence this poem, which I finished at 16:30, while I was in the classroom.


    Ask the birds in the sky
    Who taught them how to fly.
    Ask the bees buzzing in the breeze
    Why the flowers aren’t so high.
    Ask the camels on the dunes
    And the men singing them tunes
    How they knew their way.
    Ask the land on which you stand
    How it became green
    After it’d been in decay.
    Ask every bone, ask every stone.
    Ask every hill, ask every rill.
    Ask everything moving or standing still.
    Ask everything within your sight
    And ask the light in your eyes:
    “Who made you all?” and none will stall,
    They’ll all say: Allah!

  2. Moaz says:

    Assalaamu’alaikum habib,

    The Poem above is by Sr. Aysha Khanom.
    I love both of the poems that are brought here
    I ask Allah give the greatest rewards to habib and Sr. Aysha Khanom

  3. habib says:

    Wa Alaykum Assalaam, Moaz.
    Thank you for the du’a and salaams to Sr. Aysha Khanom.

  4. maryam says:

    subhanAllah….ameen, jezakiAllahu khayran, may Allah makes us of those who seek His Face in this life and see His beloved Face ‘Azza wa Jall in the Next AMEEN

  5. khaled says:

    what a wonderful poem, may Allah bless you Sr.Aysha Khanom

  6. Umm Ibrahim says:

    Ma-Ashallah! Wonderful poems indeed. How can one submit a contribution, meaning an article or poem they have written to be published on this site?

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