Nasiha: An Online FundRaiser for Imam Siraj Wahaj


  1. SeekersGuidance, yaar. SeekersDigest is just my blog.

    God bless. :) wassalam, akhukum, Faraz.

  2. Abul-Hussein says:


    May Allah bless you Shaikh Faraz and Shaikh Suhaib for this effort I hope more leaders get involved for this type of cause this is brotherhood in action not words. BarakAllah Fikuma

  3. May Allah bless Imam Zaid Shakir too!

  4. Abul-Hussein says:


    Yes may Allah bless Imam Zaid too!

  5. Asha A says:

    JazakhAllahu Kheir Imam Suhaib! Even in Egypt your so active :)
    May Allah bless our community leaders for the rahma that they have for each other!

    When are you coming back? Its just not the same out here!


  6. Anam M. says:

    God Bless everyone involved!
    InshAllah this will be really fruitful, I'm praying for Imam Siraj!!

  7. tasfia says:

    The flyer mentions April 25–but the details as to where is something I cannot find–is it a lecture? a fundraiser? please provide more information—thanks.

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