Moving Towards a Distribution of Responsibilities: Suhaib Webb MAS YOUTH Qiyam with Sh. Usama Canon


  1. muslimah says:

    Something to consider;

    by Muhammad Alshareef, Founder and President of
    AlMaghrib Institute.

    I received this link via email and manshallah I think we can all benefit especially for most of us who like to keep a journal.

  2. Fedwa says:


    I just finished listening to this talk. may Allah reward you tremendously for this talk. Please continue to give this message as alot of people are either outcasts or marked people for daring to say we need to face the problems. In our community – we have over 6000 Muslim youth in Juvenile detention and every year, another 600 join them.

    We have the largest Somali population, recent immigrants escaping war, and no help for the youth. Parents struggle to survive working two jobs, children lost in identity and cultural battles at school.

    Like you said – we should not feel insecure to face these problems and deal with them.

    Please keep repeating this message over and over again as you talk across the US to Muslim communities. This message needs to be heard. They might be more open if they hear it from a Shaykh, than a sister.

    This message hit the right note.


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