It’z About Dhat M Set 4 Life in Da Brother’s Hood!


  1. Jaweed says:

    Sweet memories with the shakie!

  2. Suhaib Webb says:

    Yes indeed jaweed! That day was simply an eman blast. Readers won’t notice, but we were sitting on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean and it was nothing short of breathless. Coupled with powerful brother-sister hood, the only direction my faith went after that was up. Jaweed! We need to get the brothers/sisters, go again to that spot, reflect and pray Qiyam there.

  3. Zubair says:

    Let’s do it next weekend! :-)

  4. Jaweed says:

    I’m so down.. that place was amazing subhanAllah!!!!

  5. Sami says:

    Reminds me of last years RIDE…good times

  6. noora says:

    Where was this place??

  7. Matin says:


    yo big S…one question…where was I at??? haha just playing, iA i’m down sounds like fun/ good idea. Where was this place? Let me know if you need help planning, I know folks. I also gotta take you to the “rock” if you haven’t been there.


  8. MR says:

    Is that the new Muslim sign. Haha!

    Throw em up


  9. Ahmed says:

    We need a RIDE reunion :-)
    Salams from Boston!

  10. Nada says:


    Where was this?


  11. Jaweed says:

    This was Northern California Coastline near Point Reyes.

  12. Ahmed says:

    where two waters meet, one salty and the other sweet.

  13. Kadijatu says:

    I’d really like to visit California, inshAllah. I’d heard so many good things!

  14. Amir says:

    Good times.

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