How Can Islam Benefit Society?

In this video, Imam Suhaib Webb answers the question, “How Can Islam Benefit Society?”

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  1. muhammed says:

    asalam alaikum mr.suhaib webb can you please comment about how to answer to baha’is i mean they say all religions were from God including islam , budhism …etc. because i have a baha’i friend who dusturbing me very much . jazaka allahu khairan

  2. Sana says:

    Great points in the video! Some Excerpts:
    1:09, Commenting on sexting crises: Man up and be married. Islam is a religion of fidelity….there’s no try it before you buy it in Islam!

    [2:11] – What is Islam bringing to the environmentalism cause? Scholars commented over 800 years ago how even the fish in the sea pray for the person of knowledge (alims) – because the one who truely has knowledge will know how to treat the environment properly

  3. assalamualaikum

    brither suhaib webb, i am very sorry if this is not the proper place. i am one of your lectures and articles follower, where i have benefited much. thanks for your sharing on ‘ilmu and wisdoms.

    may i have your permission to translate your articles (particularly the ‘fatiha’) into malay language so that i can share it with my friends in my blog? i can offer my translation to be proof-read by you first (or by anyone of your preference) before i post it in my blog.

    thanks, in advance. baarakaLlahu fiik, ya sayyidi!


    • WebbStaff says:

      wa`alaykum assalam,

      If you’d like to translate article into Malay, feel free to do so but we must have someone from our website approve the translation before it’s posted on your blog. You can email it to us at

      JazakAllahu khayr,

  4. zograh says:

    I was Christian and have embraced Islam 5years ago and people is still raving about me being moslem than to accept me for who I really am.

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