Irshad Manji and Dalia Mogahed – Who Speaks for Islam?


  1. sunspots1 says:

    I had never watched this video before. Subhan-Allah I HAVE A HEADACHE.

    Y'all Make DUA for this Ummah and get your lives right. PLEASE. Ya Allah have mercy on Dalia and increase her, and bestow on her light from Your Light – Ameen.

  2. Haq says:

    Again, Islam is on the defence, the provocations of those who carry out such actions are ignored. I wonder what these so called “reform” minded 'Muslims' intend to do with this hyper liberal attitude. Im all for this fiqh of minorities and understanding context etc.. when doing Fiqh but its also good to remember the verse “The Jews and the Christians will never be pleased with you until you follow their way” (Baqarah). I think, and i am reminding myself really, is that how far can we go in contextualising our Fiqh? We emphasis fiqh and usul and qawaaid and maqaasid in understanding and applying Fiqh, but are we also responsible for giving birth to the likes of Irshad Manji, a hyper ijtihadi mentality were we dismiss our fiqh heritage because we happen to live in the 21st Century? If this is how things are going to end up, then i guess Taqleed was not so bad after all, and I can see the wisdom behind it now. Just a few thoughts, but it saddens and scares me when i see people tampering with Fiqh to issue rulings that go against, as what i know, rulings which have reached consensus like the Hijab, women marrying non-Muslim men. See, if a women does not like the fact that Allah prohibited women from marrying Non-Muslim men, she needs to really ask herself, does she really want to be a Muslim? because there is a point where facilitation stops and submission steps in, Its simply a matter of “God said no, so accept it” simply as. Again facilitation is definetly an important concept, but too much harbours cowardliness and weakness, and an attitude of always taking the easy way out.
    I dont know if im making sense, its late, but i just felt a bit disturbed by this hyper liberalness and now they are even identifying themselves as “Reform Muslims”, I guess they are following in the paths of the Jews who have Orthodox, Refom and Conservative (Ring any bells?? > Hadith of the Prophet (S) saying we are going to follow them in everything?)
    Wallahu al-Musta'aan

  3. Haq says:

    00:39 = Confirmation of the Prophet's (s) Hadith!
    and May Allah bless sis Dalia..

  4. Mohd Faiz Sabri says:

    Assalamualaikum (Peace be unto you)

    unfortunately, i only manage to watch half of this discussion due to my bad internet connection. Can anyone tell me how can i download this video online and watch it peacefully without any distraction from bad connection. Pls reply through my email if possible tyvm.

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