Imam Zaid Shakir [ha] “Radicalism is the realization of marginalization”

Originally published in altmuslim:

So who does Imam Zaid Shakir say is the candidate to support in 2008?

“I think there is promise in Obama based on some of his pronouncements. And perhaps what I mention about race relations is that it won’t scuttle his candidacy, but that remains to be seen. I’m still honestly looking at this situation and assessing where it would be best to place a particular emphasis. But, it’s slim pickings out there.”

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  1. Abu Majeed says:


    If you thought it was too long to read. Don’t listen to the Shaytan, this article is very valuable to the Muslim American mind and his or her da’wa process. May Allah preserve Imam Zaid who is clearly a scholar in more than one field.


  2. Zakariyya says:

    “MY GOD, I love Imam Zaid!” – Imam Siraj Wahhaj (New Jersey, 2006)

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