Imam al-Shatibi and the Arabic Language

“If it is established that a person is a beginner in his understanding of the Arabic language, then he is a beginner in understanding Shari’ah; if he is average in his understanding of Arabic, then he his average in his understanding of Shari’ah and if he attains mastery in his understanding of Arabic, then the same will hold true for his understanding of Shari’ah. Thus, [if he masters the language] his understanding of the Shari’ah and its objectives will be like the understanding of the Companions.”

Imam al-Shatibi al-Muwafatqat vol. 4 pg. 115

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  1. Yahya Gant says:

    Mashallah, Dear Brother Imam Webb

    Studying the arabic language is some what difficult when you can’t find a teacher. My question is how to master the language in an American setting,what are the right methods to learning the arabic language? Since we dont have access to the arabic ulama.

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