Imam al-Ghazzali on that “Good Old Time Religion”

Imam al-Nawwawi quotes al-Ghazzli’s [may Allah have mercy upon them both] response to the question, “What is the speech of Allah?”  as saying: “Such a question is an innovation and was not from the way of the early scholars…………..those who introduce such complex issues to the masses, encouraging them to delve into them, are like a person who took a group of infants to swim in a river!”

Muqadima al-Majm’u

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  1. Usman Akhtar says:

    You know i’d like to comment, but it seems that there is a huge piece of this puzzle missing (…..), and a response back from al-ghazzali RA (and im sure he gave a response) would be nice too.

  2. Zubair says:

    Usman, read that paragraph again… That is the response by Imam al-Ghazzali.

  3. Usman Akhtar says:

    ohhh, my bad – haha i was a little confused there

  4. Ibraheem says:

    But isn’t kalam necessary to refute people like the Mutezilites?

  5. Zain Syed says:

    Read the 8 rules of debates and arguments by Imam Al Ghazzali in his Ihya Ulum id-din. (I have an excerpt of it in my blog.)

  6. Ibraheem says:

    I see what you mean. You are specifically referring to rules 3 and 5, right?
    Good point.

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