If a muslim decided to leave the deen of Islam, became non-muslim and regretted

The Question:

If a muslim decided to leave the deen of Islam and became non-muslim. But, then after a while he regretted what he did and decided to become muslim again, what does that person have to do, and what are the steps that he has to do inorder for him to become fully and truley a muslim again?

The Answer:

Asalamu alaykum,

He should simply repent, seek Allah’s mercy and try is best to practice the major acts of worship such as Salah and soon. In addition, he should try and find sources of knowledge that will supplement his spiritual ascent. Meaning, he should try and engage the issues, if they were doubts, that led him to leave Islam in the first place. He should also try and surround himself with sincere friends wholove him, will nurture him and are willing to understand him.

Keep in mind that the above should take place after the person has actually said the testimony of witness again. He can do that on his own, but it is recommended to do it in front of others.

It is important for him to realize that all is not lost. Faith is a delicate enterprise and at time, we all slip, make mistakes and go through different challenges. The Prophet {sa} said, “The believer is like a horse who strays from his master. After sometime, he returns.”

Allah bless you

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  1. aaa says:

    I have good friend who recently left the deen. I’m not sure how to approach this. I believe it stemmed from him not feeling the presence of Allah during prayer and when he went for umrah. How should I attempt to bring him back to Islam?

  2. **** says:

    I think you should show him the beauty of Islam through your actions and manners, but not preach to him.
    Eg i used to email my non-practicing friends every week with islamic articles, literature, quran verses and hadiths. I did this non-stop for 2 years. Allhamdulillah, this proved much better than simply lecturing them. Allah has guided them.

  3. akhan says:


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