How Can We Strenghten Our Faith? al-’Allamah Muhammad Hassan Walid Dido Al-Shanqiti

The Question:

How can we strengthen our faith?

This is one of the most important questions one should ask constantly because faith is the greatest thing which a person can embellish, and which one is always in need of strengthening. This is because faith increases and decreases, it is present and at times absent.

The only way for one to increase his faith is by increasing in righteous actions which bring him closer to Allah, listen to beneficial reminders, and increase in the remembrance of Allah and by increasing his knowledge. Thus, if one wants to strengthen his faith, then it is a must that he increases his obedience to Allah. There is no way that one who doesn’t seek to perform extra acts of worship and fails to remember Allah except a little will have the same faith as one who guards his nawafil, increases his remembrance of Allah, completes a reading of the entire Qur’an, give charity and fasts. It is impossible that their faith could be equal. Therefore, if one wants to increase his faith, then he must increase his obedience to Allah and with this increase in obedience his faith will be strengthened and established firm in his soul.

al-’Allama Muhammad Hassan Walid al-Dido al-Shanqit

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