A Life in Transition Malcolm X [Allah’s mercy be upon him]

“Oh Soul at Peace! Return to your Lord pleased and satisfied.”

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  1. Zaynab says:

    SubhanAllah, I’m reading the autobiography of Malcolm X for the first time right now.

    It’s always beautiful to see how Allah can take people from the lowest of the low and elevate them with His Deen. Wallahu ‘ala kulli shay-in Qadeer. And Allah guides whom He wills.

  2. J says:

    May Allah [swt] reward him with the highest ranks in paradise.

  3. ConvertOf2Years says:

    Br. Malcolm’s autobiography played a large part in my conversion, and very much in that of other converts as well. Allahu Akbar

  4. mashAllah He was a great individual, read his autobiography a while back and loved it! May Allah (swt) have mercy on his soul and accept his deeds, ameen.

  5. Cheryl says:

    You were a true soldier who spoke the truth. Too bad we don’t have another like you today!!!!!!!!

  6. Seora says:

    I am a young Christian woman and Malcolm X has always been my favorite civil rights figure. I loved and admired the man and everything he stood for concerning his belief that we should not sit around and allow ourselves to be made to feel inferior and trampled upon by society. I have just finished his autobiography and though I loved him before, I both love, admire, and revere the man even more so now. I wish that he, among others, didn’t have to face martyrdom, so that our right to be free and live freely could be achieved. It saddens that many, young Black/African American children know so little about their history and of great MEN like this. Rest in Peace, Malcolm X, and in God’s company may you eternally be.

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