Can I advertise for Businesses that Sell Beer and Pork?

Asalamu alaykum,

“I run a magazine service that advertises for local businesses in my community. These businesses sell alcohol and pork. Is it allowed for me to advertise for them since I’m not the owner of those businesses and charge them fees for my efforts?”

The Answer:

Assalamu alaykum,

Scholars hold that it is not allowed to involve yourself in such transactions due to the overwhelming number of texts that forbid, and in some cases, curse those who involve in transactions involving alcohol. There is a clear principle in Islamic Law that states, “When Allah or His Messenger [sa], curse something it is forbidden.”

Imam al-Dasuqi in Sharh al-Saghir states, “It is not allowed for one to rent his home to those who will use it for……..selling intoxicants.” Something similar was also mentioned by Ibn al-Qudama in al-Mughni. Thus, your renting add space to others in order for them to invite to the forbidden is a similar situation and involves making potential profit off of it. The Prophet (may Allah be pleased with him) cursed ten types of people in relation to intoxicants……”the one who profits from it.” Thus, it is not allowable for you to do so, nor to advertise with people whom you know sell such things.

The same applies to pork products. The Prophet said, “Allah is pure an only excepts what’s pure.” and Allah says, “And cooperate together towards righteousness and avoiding sin, and do not cooperate in evil and transgression.” (5/2) Based on that verse the scholars stated, “It is not allowed for a Muslim to assist in the disobedience of God nor the destruction of what is permissible.” There are some scholars who hold it allowable to do so since they consider the West dar-al-Harb based on the position of some Hanafis. However, as Dr. Wahba Zuhayli, Dr. Salah Sultan and others have shown, this opinion is weak and not supported by textual authority. Inshallah, by selling the permissible and avoiding the forbidden, Allah will bless your wealth, raise your stations and put satisfaction in your heart.

If you are in a dire situation, please contact me and we can discuss this further.


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  1. Abdurahman says:

    Asalamualaikum wrt,

    MashaAllah, may Allah exchange for him something better in return. Whoever gives something up for Allah, He will replace it with something better.

    May Allah help us to obey Him, and reward the scholars who teach us to fear Him and have taqwa.

    Allah knows best.

  2. Mohamed Ali says:

    Assalamu Alaykum wr wb,

    I could get the same problem. i am unemployed and get financial support from the state while i attend a program for unemployed academics in management. The ones who organize this program offered me a job in marketing field- it is city- and tourism marketing. Well, i wanted to work..but i did not think about the offer long enough and have just agreed to it. A day after I did realize that this job could include also advertising- like making a guide for tourists who wanna eat and drink in pubs, restaurants or whatever. Well, i do live in GERMANY- a non-muslim country. What do germans eat and drink? For what do i have to advertise? Pork and beer/wine!!! Advertising Hilton Hotels is not like advertising Budweiser- right? My brain or better said my heart was in action..Finally, I told them that i do not want to do this job on phone..But the contract is already done and they warned me to cut the financial aid…I told the responsible officer that i cannot advertise for alcohol and pork stuff..So she said that they will think about giving me a different task in this public organization (town council -city marketing). Is it permissible to work for them although i do not assist in advertising for haram stuff? I actually do not really know what they are going to offer me- maybe support for cultural activities like arts and sports ..something what is not linked with promotional activities for business operating with interests, gambling, pork, alcoholic drinks and fornication. The city charges taxes on these and even on dog keeping – tax quota related on quantity. allahu knows best.

    The woman who had the conversation with me was quite upset when i told her that i am a Muslim (alhamdulillah). She made the indirect proposal to me to leave Germany. She said i do pay taxes in this country and that i have to obey on the rules according german job office. She also told me that Muslims do always have problems in the job ..e.g. a man is not allowed to work with a woman. But i told her that is not true and did not argue further on islam. ((she is a doctor/teacher..she is intellectual..she can read the quran and do not follow your nafs!!! (that is what i thought at the momentoO))…she was upset and without tolerance- not a good situation for explaining islamic shari3a. i just agreed on working there but i am already looking for a better job..insha allah i will find a better job. is it permissible to make du3a for getting a job? i know –i got tested with this incident by allah-right?..have i done something wrong?
    wa salam brothers and sisters

  3. Suz says:

    As-salaam aleikum, Imam Suhaib. May God reward you well for all the help you give us every day, for your sincere and effective love and care, for which I am thankful. You wrote this three years ago, and insha’allah readers understand you well. But just in case, I point out that substituting “excepts” for “accepts”, quite common and easy to do, actually nearly reverses the meaning.

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