Evolution of Ideas: Mustafa ‘Umar an Up and Coming American Imam

Asalamu alaykum,

I’ve known Mustafa ‘Umar for around four years. I witnessed his efforts towards studying and striving. While we were out relaxing, Mustafa would stay home digesting Ibn Hisham’s notes on the Alifiyah. Mustafa recently finished his university studies and has returned to the states. He’s a sheikh, Imam and we hope that he will contribute and benefit the West. He is currently looking for a Job as an Imam, thus if any dynamic community in the states is looking, please contact him at his website. I give him a 100% and strongly encourage a dynamic, young forward looking community to take him before we come back to the states and employ him at our institution.


Article by Imam Mustafa ‘Umar

A Treatise on the Islamic Faith

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  1. Ipswichian by Name.... says:


    Is the link correct, I could not get it to work :(

  2. Blogger says:

    The link from his site for the video was not working for me. Jazaaakumullaahu khayran.

  3. Abul-Hussein says:


    There is a community in Tennessee, and another in Iowa looking for an Imam both places are calm, beautiful, country. My advice to him is to go into chaplaincy, get good benefits and made a good salary and have time to teach as he wills. Islamic American University is also looking for teachers, bilingual.

    Allahu Khayru al Fatiheen.

  4. Arshada says:

    as salaam alikuim

    MuslimJobsOnline is a employment service I provide for the Prophet’s ummah. There is a section for ‘Chaplain’ (Imam) jobs. http://www.muslimjobsonline.com is the URL


  5. Bilal says:

    Assalamualaikum warahmatullah,

    Actually, the central masjid in Nashville, TN is looking for an Imam. The community is not in focus (the previous imam left June 2006) and needs a strong imam to get the community back on track Insha Allah and to learn how to balance both the dunya and akhira (something we all are in need of).

    The website is http://icntn.org/news/a-full-time-imam-wanted.html

  6. Mustafa Umar says:

    Wa alaykum as-salam,

    Thank you Imam Suhaib for the recommendation. Unfortunately, the video was removed from the website but you can still listen to the audio.

  7. Amany says:

    Come to the ISLAMIC CENTER OF DETROIT michigan we NeEd YoU!!!!

  8. Asim says:

    Depaul University in Chi town is looking for a muslim chaplain..

  9. A wellwisher says:

    We need our Golden Boy in Southern California.

    So please make dua he stays in his hometown and teach what he learnt to people he knows who need some education and others also.


  10. Ruh says:

    I have met Imam Umar, while he was residing in Cairo for a while. He was one of the few people who spent their time surrounded with books, not out with us relaxing after classes. Inspiration to the student of knowledge. May Allah make him a guiding light for this ummah, amin.

  11. Refat says:

    Islamic Center of Omaha (ICO) in Nebraska is looking for a full-time Imam. This growing city and community needs someone who is:
    1. Well grounded in traditional Islamic sciences,
    2. Has an awareness and understanding of the diverse Muslim community of the US, and 3. Is dedicated to the service of the Deen and Ummah with foresight at a personal and communal level.

    ICO extends an invitation to the respected Imam Mustafa ‘Umar.
    Please look for details at http://www.ico-ne.org

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