An Amazing Site and Brother: Abu Majid al-Oklahomi

Asalamu alaykum,

Abu Majid has been a dear friend for a number of years. He is truly a hard worker and I have a lot of love for him. We are both from the wonderful state [just ask Texas football fans] of Oklahoma. Yes, everyone thinks we ride horses to work, drink from our hats and have a special place for our boots, but that is not the truth just ask Abu Majid. Anyways, he is currently in the Gulf seeking sacred knowledge and studying with the famous Jarah familie’s students.

I meet Sh. Ibrahim Jarah, the standard of the Hanabli school in the gulf, when he was well over a hundred years old. He was worth well over a billion Kuwait Dinar, but he sat in the Masjid and read from Fajir till ‘Eisha until he was unable to go to the mosque anymore. He told me, “Be a zahid! This life is short! Focus on the Hereafter and know that there is none worthy of worship but Allah with no partners!” His family held onto the Hanbali school with sanad and passed it down to their students and now, mashallah, Abu Majid is planning to bring that back to the West and teach the school with sanad. In addition, Sh. Abu Majid is working on his 10 qirat and finishing many other important subjects. Recently he recorded, in Arabic, a series of T.V shows where he interviewed the scholars of Kuwait.

I hope that students of knowledge in the West will take Abu Majid, as a reference for studying the Hanbali school with sanad and encourage everyone to invite him to their conferences and programs. I’m not writing this to put dirt in his face, but to encourage him and his wife to continue on the way of seeking knowledge. I pray that Allah will bless all of us in our studies, raise our ranks and increase us in goodness.

His site!

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  1. حسين محمد says:

    AlSalaamu 3laikum,

    His site is down! can you post any details through which I can contact him?

    I googled his name but coudln’t come up with anything.

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