21 Questions and Answers from MAS Qiyam: Sh. Usama Canon and Suhaib Webb

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Note: The Questions were typed by Hafidh ‘Amir Kamal and found below. If someone would like to type up the answers as well we will post them inshallah.

  1. During Ramadan, my Iman goes very high (Alhamdulillah). What can I do to ensure that I maintain this level of high Iman after Ramadan?
  2. As a sister who has had 100 men ask for me who are not religious, or if they are, they’re always missing something. After 5 years of this waiting should I just settle with a man who doesn’t even pray?
  3. Is it true that the Mahdi has been born? Clues? Location? Current age? How can we prepare?
  4. Speak on the Dajjal + Mahdi + 2nd Coming please. How can we save ourselves?
  5. My sister and brother-in-law (wife and husband) are having problems and have lived seperately for 2 months. My brother-in-law struck my mom with a closed hand. They’ve both said regrettable things. I am trying to get them to Khaled Siddiqui (a marriage counselor), but my brother-in-law doesn’t think there’s a need and shies away from the suggestion. How can I persuade him to go? (He is a recent immigrant and a Pushtun.)
  6. What is the best way to stay away from alcohol and women?
  7. What if, during this month, you realize that so many of your faults are your own, deep habits that are not influenced by Shaitan.
  8. How do you steer away from those faults? For example, dealing with your parents and dealing with a temper.
  9. What happens when a person is forced to be married to someone they don’t like?
  10. Is the hadith that there will be 72 sects of Islam and all will go to Hell except one an authentic hadith?
  11. Can the Dajjal possibly be “Television?”
  12. What do you tell a Muslim who is very selfish and doesn’t consider others but themselves?
  13. Does masturbation break your fast?
  14. I’m having issues controlling my temper with my parents. Any tips?
  15. When you have friends that are sexually active, how do you deal with that? Whether it’s zina, oral, etc. Once you tell them it’s wrong, is your job done?
  16. I feel frustrated with the way my family is in their deen: not fasting or praying, doing drugs, dating. What practical things can I do?
  17. Can you tell us about the Prophet (S) when he was young and his breastfeeding brother saw two people washing his heart. Is it true? Can you tell us more about this and why it happened?
  18. What are the limits between Muslim youth in a professional situation as well as in a nonprofessional situation (e.g. Facebook), where some things discussed on the thread are related to work and others are merely conversational (e.g. random questions about a certain personal aspect rather than work, or jokes)?
  19. What is the punishment for adultery. In some countries, it is punishable by death. Is it truth?
  20. If my parents are too insecure and that insecurity hinders me from getting out of the house and staying away from home for too long to even acquire deen/Islamic knowledge, what are my rights, if any, and how do I tackle it?
  21. I love both of your answers, but sadly I don’t have anymore questions. =(
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  1. Zubair says:

    May Allah reward you without hisaab and grant you Jannatu al-Firdous, ya Amir!

  2. Moaz says:

    I will just provide a few short answers of what i briefly understood from the two imams.

    2. Imam suhaib webb answered by questioning back, why the girl wants such a perfect man. If she wanted such a perfect man, then she should have gone for the prophet

    11. Dajal possibly be television? Suhaib Webb gave a straight and forward answer. No.

    19. There is no doubt under the law given by allah in surat an-noor.

    And lastly, there are many questions regarding parents. For one, i recalled Imam Suhaib webb saying that if the son is having problems regarding marrige with his parents, then he should come talk to suhaib webb and that suhaib webb would talk to their parents and fix the issue.

    Please forgive me if i have made any mistakes.

  3. Yurs says:

    What is the virtues of Qiyaam (prayer at night) during Ramadaan?

  4. Abdul Sattar says:

    This was OFF THE HOOK!

  5. a sister says:

    as salaamu alaykum,

    wow, it’s really interesting to read a random sampling of questions and see what the youth are concerned about and dealing with… they seem for the most part to be centered around family issues (marriage, dealing with parents) temptations in everyday life (gender interaction, how to control oneself sexually), and also the ‘freaky’ stuff (for lack of a better word) like signs of the day of j., dajjal, etc… (and a lot of times questions on jinn, dream interpretation, etc)

    I remember hearing a bro who had been studying abroad saying that it seems like a lot of times as ulaab al-ilm we get caught up in philosophical things or theories or issues that are really above the heads of the people and are not really that beneficial in the long run, when the average Muslims have very practical issues that they are dealing with and that need to be addressed…

    jazak Allahu khayr

  6. Faiez says:

    Is it true that the Mahdi has been born? Clues? Location? Current age? How can we prepare?

    Best question, desi uncles are always searching for the answer to this. I hope you can provide an accurate answer Imam Suhaib so I can relay it to the rest of the people.

  7. Abdurahman says:

    Asalamualaikum wrt wb,

    Are the answers posted somewhere?

    Just an interesting comment on the question: Speak on the Dajjal + Mahdi + 2nd Coming please. How can we save ourselves?:

    Dr. Ratib an-Nabulsi mentioned that there are those who misinterpret the verse: “Alaikum Anfusakum, (Take care of yourselves, the misguidance of others will not harm you if you are guided,” by thinking we should not give dawah in the age of trials and tribulations.

    He mentioned that the Bani israeel often believed in part of the Book, and rejected other parts. The verses commanding Dawah and enjoining the good and forbidding evil are many, so the verse (alaikum anfusakum) should be understood in light of them.

    He stated that the verse simply means, in times of Fitnah, one has to make an extra effort to rectify his household, family, and friends. This extra effort will counter the general misguidance. He said dawah can be as simple as giving a tape of a lecture to a friend or co-worker.

    Given that there are evil forces distributing 30 million copies of “The Threat of Militant Islam to the West” all over America this month, we have to make a huge push to counteract this evil. Let’s start giving some dawah, brothers and sisters!

    And Allah knows best.

  8. Zubair says:

    Man, this Q&A is OFF THE CHAIN!

  9. Ali* says:

    Where are the answers to this? I’m interested in knowing what they are.

  10. Webbmaster says:

    Ali, click the Image in the post and listen to the answers :-).

  11. Son of Adam says:

    I didn’t hear the reply to question 19 in the audio.

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