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UPDATED: Is Breathable Nail Polish Sufficient for Wuḍū’?

UPDATE 8-22-2013: My initial article on Inglot’s breathable nail polish was welcomed by many and severely critiqued by others. One of the main criticisms was that the experiment conducted by one of my students was inaccurate and could not be repeated with success. There were many people who reported successful results while several others who documented […]

Closed Doors and Opened Eyes: Spirituality for the Non-Fasting

Originally posted in August 2009 | Updated and revised Ramadan is a blessed time of year often characterized by certain specific forms of worship. Fasting, reading Qur’an and performing salah (five times a day prayer) are the main focus of many people’s time and energy during this month. However, for most women a portion of […]

Meditations on Menstruation

Most Muslims today are generally familiar with the rulings of purification and menstruation in Islam, but there is often much to be desired in how we, as a community, discuss these rulings and how we understand them.  In a previous post, I touched on the need to change some of our negative ideas about menstruation.  […]

Question Regarding Menstruation and Contraceptives

The Question: Assalaamu ‘alaikum (peace be upon you) Imam Suhaib, May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala (exalted is He) reward you for your efforts with this blog, and give you the strength to continue to be of benefit to young people like myself who spend way too much time online. I have a question related to […]

Can I pluck my eyebrows for my husband?

Question: Can I pluck my eyebrows for my husband? Answer: Asalamu alaykum, Many scholars allow a woman to trim those hairs which appear abnormal- strange. They differ on the permissibility of a married woman plucking her eyebrows for her husband. Those who allow it use a text that is weak, and when confronted with the […]