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Staying Physically Energized During Ramadan

By Noor Hani Salem With Ramadan in the midst of summer this year, we need nothing more than hydration and good eating habits to keep us going. However, Ramadan is not only about omitting food and drink from sunrise to sunset. It’s not about sleeping all day and waking up an hour before sunset to […]

I Want to Fast, But I’m Anemic

By Dr. Nisha AbdulCader Question: I am a sister who is anemic, and fasting is pretty difficult for me. Sometimes, I have a tough time getting out of bed, and I often feel dizzy when I get up. I think I have low blood pressure too, and I feel weak and light-headed sometimes. I want to […]

Eating Out Healthier

By Rubina Ali Let’s start with a few tips to remember when eating out: Do your research. The smartest way to eat healthy is to go online and look up the nutrition information for restaurants you frequent most. Almost all restaurants will have a nutrition guide on their website and the ones that don’t can […]