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An Imam’s Review of the Movie “Noah”

1-10 Grading Scale (I will discuss these in detail later in this article) General Quality of Movie: 6 Islamic Teachings: 3 Morals/Values: 8 Overall Benefit: 7 Imams MUST Connect with the Masses When I first heard this movie was being released, I asked the laymen of our community – young and old – if they […]

Regarding the Permissibility of Music

Question: Some scholars and many zealous laymen claim that there is a consensus among jurists as to the prohibition of listening to any music with musical instruments. Some Imams say the opinion that allows it is a strange (شاذ) opinion, which is rejected as baseless by all prominent scholars and schools of thought. If this […]

Aspiring to the Arts

By Lena Khan More than 1400 years ago—before the significance of it was ever being debated in our community—the Prophet ﷺ (peace be upon him) enjoyed and utilized the arts. For him, this was often in the realm of poetry. It was something he appreciated. He encouraged its purification. He understood its influence. And he […]

Part and Parcel

By Lena Khan On the day that I write this, I received an email from a sister giving me advice (nasiha). I can (maybe) make documentaries, she told me—but certainly not fictional films. I should refrain from imitating the kuffar (disbelievers) in making movies. And for certain, I should be careful of engaging too much […]

Unplug and Re-connect: How to Keep Families Connected During Technology Time-Outs

At the risk of aging myself, in the 90’s, the term “unplugged” referred to a show where artists musically entertained a small audience without the aid of electric instruments.  These days however, when families are encouraged to go “unplugged” they are persuaded to spend time together free of “electronic distractions” or as my older brother, […]

Rap’s Islamic Roots?

by Lavon L. Brown Hip-Hop – specifically the Rap art form of Hip-Hop – is usually preceded by its reputation of ”Gangsta life-style” lyrics riddled with curse words, bad grammar, and the infamous “N” word, stereotypically painting a post-apocalyptic portrait of poor African-American communities. It is widely promoted as an American subculture/multi-faceted art form rooted within […]

Documentaries You Should Watch!

By Junaid ibn Amjad WebbStaff Note: Documentaries are meant to be thought-provoking, and bring critical new information to the general populace. These documentaries were not chosen to espouse specific views; rather, they are included on this list in order to provoke reflection and discussion. The documentaries where chosen by the author and do not necessarily represent […]

The Legend of Captain Jack: From Birdy to Sparrow

In the late 16th century a young boy collecting scraps of wreckage from the docks wondered if he’d ever leave Faversham in the borough of Kent, the hottest place in the entire United Kingdom. It was a marshy place of little importance to anyone but the brigand. Its docks were a haven for smugglers and […]

Facebook: The Hidden Danger

Islam and the Internet Series: Intro | Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI | Part VII | Part VIII | Part IV We live in an iWorld. Surrounded by iPhones, iPads, MYspace, YOUtube, the focus is clear: Me, my, I. One need not look far to see this […]

Arguing on The Internet: the Ultimate Heart Monitor

Islam and the Internet Series: Intro | Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI | Part VII | Part VIII | Part IV Our Culture Of Arrogance, Anger And Online Arguments Dawud Wharnsby once wrote in one of his songs: We use so many words but have […]

Dunya: Living Our Own Avatar

by Aziza Khalil Warning: this review is a bit of a spoiler if you haven’t watched the movie already. Last Saturday, I went to see the infamous Avatar movie. I’ve been trying to see that movie ever since it came out in Cairo approximately ten days ago. And every time I did, it was full. […]

Hip Hop, Da`wah and Reality

By Taqiudeen bin Patrick Co-Founders of An Nasr Productions on Their Decision to Migrate from Muslim Hip Hop to Focus on Their Studies In the name of Allah, Ar Rahmaan-ir Raheem, Prayers and peace be upon the last of the Prophets and Messengers Muhammad bin ‘Abdullah. When ANP was originally founded, our main objective was […]

Islam and Hip Hop

  by Ahmad James By the grace of Allah, I entered Islam at the age of 20. It is no exaggeration to say that Hip-Hop was my religion before Islam. I was blessed to be brought up in a local underground scene that taught me to love myself and all others as creatures of God, […]

Muslim Entertainment: An Insider’s Perspective

By Br. Dash I started to become serious about Arts and Culture just after I turned 16. I got bit by the acting bug in high school and changed my career goal from being a lawyer. Not a huge stretch. I quickly became known in high school as “the actor”. I decided to go to […]

An Important Post By Br. Mustafa Davis

by Mustafa Davis I am the producer and director of the film DEEN TIGHT which is a documentary film about this very subject. The Deen Tight film tells this story from the perspective of the artists and ex-artists (those for hip hop and those against it). We give a platform for both sides of this […]

A Response to a Well-Intended Hiphop Brother

Asalamu alaykum, Here is a response to a recent tirade from a Muslim Hip Hopper. I pray for him and myself, hoping that we will not allow this to come between us as Muslims. I differ with my brothers and sisters on this issue, but I respect them and believe that they have a right […]

Muslim Hip Hop an Important Conversation

Thoughts anyone? Here’s a post by a Muslim who attended, then left the event. “We have recently been witness to the emergence of Muslim Hip Hop, and were present at the two events at the Drum recently. We have lots to say about this and plenty of Muslim Freaks were present. Our sisters Poetic Pilgrimage, […]

A Challenge to Muslim Hip Hoppers and Entertainers

When the Prophet (pbuh) saw Umar reading some passages from the Torah he said, “If Mosa was alive today, he would have no choice but to follow me.” What would he say to our Muslim entertainers who jump up and down and seek, intended or unintended, to impose the lens of culture as a means […]

Hip Hop in the 21st Century

The Rise Of Satanism In Urban America “Hip Hop” in the 21th century has taken the position of heavy metal in the 80’s. To the conscious observer the clear references to “satan” are evident and the indirect references are abundant. From Kayne West to Outerspace hip hop has traversed the boundaries of moral action and […]