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A Wounded Heart

By Maria Karim The sudden dreadful crying and screaming woke Zainab up. She lay on her bed, burying her face into the pillow, trying hard to block out the growing noise coming from the other room. It had hardly been two hours since she had cried herself to sleep. Her tender heart started pounding against […]

Child Abuse

Question:  Your website gives a lot of info on domestic violence, defined as abuse between couples, but what about child abuse? Do you have any articles or resources on that? I really need them. I suffer from PTSD, ADD, depression, and anxiety because of intense physical abuse and emotional neglect. Can you please help me? […]

Every 2 Minutes: Sexual Violence

Imam Khalid Latif talks about sexual violence in his khutbah (sermon) at ICNYU.

Reality Check: Domestic Violence and Muslim Families

Salma Abugideiri is a licensed professional counselor who specializes in trauma and couples therapy.  She is also the co-director of the Peaceful Families Project, an organization devoted to ending domestic violence in Muslim families. Salma develops and conducts awareness workshops about domestic violence for Muslim leaders and communities, and trainings for people who work with […]

Abused Men

The idea that a man could be abused seems unimaginable to many. Yet it is a reality. Abuse of men is socially minimized because people do not know enough about the cycle of abuse. But domestic violence against men, and abusive relationships of all types, occurs across all ethnic, racial, religious and socio-economic levels. The […]

Hurting Homes

Abuse is a topic that many Muslims shy away from because it is uncomfortable to tackle an issue that is complex and appears unsolvable.  Many times when I address the topic of marriage, I clarify that the strategies I suggest do not apply to abusive relationships. Yet, what I have learned is that people who […]

NOUR: Where There Is Injustice, You Will Find Justice

WebbStaff Note: This is part of a series of posts entitled “Muslims Making a Difference,” featuring Muslims benefiting society at different levels. To nominate someone to be profiled, please email their name, contact info and bio to: submissions[at]suhaibwebb[dot]com. Muslims Making a Difference: I | II | III | IV | V | VI | VII | VIII | IX | X | XI | XII By Hafeeza Kelli Yasmin […]

Question Regarding Marital Rape

Question: Is marital rape allowed in Islam? Answer: As salaamu alaykum, Thank you for asking this important question which has come to the fore in recent times, and which has been the cause of confusion for many people. Here are some important points to take into consideration when learning about this issue: It is absolutely […]

Defending the Muslims Should Not Entail Idealizing Them

By Tricia Pethic As a graduate student of Middle Eastern History, I endured many assigned readings on nationalism, identity and other sleep-inducing topics. But I remember one concept in particular. It stated that when empires gave way to the creation of modern nation-states, any “side issues” which would draw attention away from the creation of […]

Real Men Don’t Hit Women

Lecture by Khalid Latif | in collaboration with ICNYU Real Men Don’t Hit Women Pt1 – w/Khalid Latif from Khalid Latif on Vimeo. Real Men Don’t Hit Women Pt2 – w/Khalid Latif from Khalid Latif on Vimeo.

Thoughts on the Fort Hood Tragedy

Asalamu `alaykum, Over the last few days I received a number of emails and messages expressing great disillusion with what has happened at Fort Hood. This is your chance to vent, offer your thoughts and share in the healing process. One of the positive, out of many, things I’ve noticed is the idea of taking […]

Take A Stand: Introducing Muslim Men Against Domestic Abuse (MMADA)

Take A Stand: Introducing Muslim Men Against Domestic Abuse Please visit our website, sign our pledge, and spread the word far and wide. Also, please join our Facebook group: Muslim Men Against Domestic Abuse (MMADA) is an organization dedicated to domestic tranquility. By joining our group, you make a commitment never to engage […]

An Imam’s Guide to Deal with Domestic Violence

By Abdul Malik Mujahid Originally published at Sound Vision While in Muslim countries, the role of a Masjid’s Imam may be mostly to lead prayers and teach, in the United States and in other Western countries, it has expanded substantially. These Imams do not only lead prayers, deliver sermons, officiate marriages, perform funeral ceremonies, and […]

Future Imams: We are Engaged in 1,000 year old Theological Wars and Our Communities Bleed

Let’s Get with Reality and Deal with the Real A few years back, while in the states, I received a chilling phone call from a scared sister; voice shaking and tears falling she said, “Suhaib, my husband… my husband beat me! He beat me in front of our apartment in front of the non-Muslims!” I […]

Sami al-Arian is Dying!

as-salaam alaykum: I wanted to write to you about something very important and urgent. Some of you may know about the high-profile Palestinian Muslim detainee in America, Sami al-Arian. For those who don’t, there is a succint review of his story at the end of this email.* After five years of confinement under inhumane conditions, […]


By Wasif Khan It was a hot summer’s day inside the university’s common room, but the temperature outside was well below 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Vague memories of the time I spent 10 years ago still linger in my mind. Why did I call this cold day a hot summer’s day? Because I was on a […]