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Allah’s Beautiful Name: As-Sitteer

Names of Allah Series: Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI | Part VII | Part VIII | Part IX | Part X | Part XI | Part XII | Part XIII | Part XIV | Part XV | Part XVI | Part XVII | Part XVIII | Part XIX | Part XX | Part XXI | Part XXII | Part XXIII |Part XXIV | Part XXV | Part XXVI | Part XXVII | Part XXVIII In order to develop a close […]

Guidance Through al-Fatiha

by Jinan Bastaki The Salah Series Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI | Part VII | Part VIII | Part IX | Part X | Part XI | Part XII | Part XIII | Part XIV | Part XV | Part XVI | Part […]

Why Aren’t My Prayers Being Answered?

Question: Why aren’t my prayers being answered? Answer: May Allah reward you for asking such an honest question, and may He guide us towards the truth. Ameen. I think what happens in this type of situation is that we mix up our means and our ends. When we make du`a’ for a good husband, for […]

Mother of the Scripture

A Lecture by Suhaib Webb | Transcribed by Fuseina Mohamad Surat Al-Fatiha Series: Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI | Part VII | Part VIII | Part IX | Part X | Part XI | Part XII | Part XIII | Part XIV | Part XV | Part XVI | Part XVII | Part XVIII | Part XIX | Part XX | Part XXI | Part XXII | Part XXIII | Part XXIV | Part […]

Du`a’ and Despair

Question: I have a few questions concerning du`a’ (supplication). What are the best times to make du`a’? I’ve been making du`a’ in the last hour of the night, and I’m encouraged to keep making it until Allah grants  me my wish or gives me whatever He thinks is best for me. However, as humans we […]

Supplicating in Another Language while Praying

Question: I recently converted and, while I’ve learned to say my prayers in Arabic, I cannot make general supplications (du`a’) in Arabic when I prostrate. Is it Islamically acceptable to say those supplications in English? Answer: I would like to welcome you to Islam, and I pray that Allah will bless you and guide you […]

Murphy’s Boy

A scene from Murphy’s Boy, a non-fiction book by Torey Hayden, has been engraved into my mind forever. I read the book 6 years ago and yet, the image remains vivid, the message clear. Kevin, a young boy disturbed by his traumatic past, sits huddled in the corner of a room under a desk. In […]

Don’t be Sad. Just Raise your Hands and Supplicate

The Arabic word ‘ya’ is used to call to someone. As an example, if you were in a room and your friend whose name is ‘Azam’ was in the next room, how would you call him? You would say, “Ya Azam!” However, if Azam was on the other side of a football field and you […]

Could you Comment on the Recent Discussion Surrounding Istighatha?

The Question Could you Comment on the Recent Discussion Surrounding Istighatha? The Answer In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Merciful, Prayers and Peace be upon the Prophet, his family, companions and those who follow him until the end of time. Istighātha in Arabic means to seek help and aide; and when used […]

What is the Ruling on Seeking Divine Aid from Other than Allah, even if it were a Prophet?

Answered by Sh. Muhammad al-Hasan Walid al-Didō al-Shanqītī | Translated by Suhaib Webb The Question: What is the ruling on seeking divine aid from other than Allah, even if it were a Prophet? (peace be upon them) The Answer: Allah says in the Qur’an, “That is Allah, your Lord; to Him belongs sovereignty. And those whom […]

Power of Salat-ul-Istikhara

The Abandoned Prayer A few years ago, I came across a book that one of my relatives had called: “The Three Abandoned Prayers”. In it, the author discusses three prayers that have been largely underused by many Muslims, but which hold great power. They were Salat-ut-Tawbah (The Salah of Repentence), Salat-ul-Istikhara (The Salah of Seeking […]