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A Very Unique Pleasure

Once, a young boy, around the age of 10 or 11 came across the sirah of the Prophet ﷺ. After reading for sometime, his heart was moved. Let’s move from my words to his and try and benefit. “Suddenly I felt, while reading that book, a very unique pleasure. For, indeed, it was a pleasure […]

A Bright Afternoon in Masjid al-Azhar: 3 Elements of Knowledge Demonstrated by Sh. Ahmad al-Maliki

Three Elements of Knowledge Demonstrated by Sh. Ahmad al-Maliki

Blessings of Seeking Knowledge

by Kanika Aggarwal “Knowledge is power.” How many times in our lives have we heard this phrase? How many times have our parents, teachers, elders stated this same thing over and over again? This quote by Sir Francis Bacon emphasizes that when you have knowledge, you have authority. It alludes to the fact that there […]

Oh Servant of the Qur’an, if You Need Motivation, Read This!

A friend in Alexandria related this to me: One day while sitting at the school in which I take Islamic studies classes, my teacher introduced me to an Egyptian girl that memorizes Qur’an there. I remember thinking how shy and timid the girl seemed. After the girl left, my teacher revealed that she is both […]

How To Survive (and Then Benefit From) a Boring Khutbah

We are sitting in the masjid. Front row, clean clothes on, ready to hear something that will inspire us, teach us, and give us gems of spiritual wisdom gleaned from the mountain of Prophethood. Our hearts fill with hope that today will be the day that a young, vibrant and dynamic speaker, or a wise, […]

Love, Sweat and Honor

Translated by Suhaib Webb Mālik mentioned that a man related to him the statement of Imām Sa’īd bin Muṣayyib:1 “If I could, I would travel all night to collect one narration of the Prophet (pbuh).” Muhammad ibn Rushd wrote: “This is an example of his sacrifice and struggle in acquiring the knowledge of hadith and […]

Thoughts on the Current State of the Students of Knowledge in the West: Qadi Saab of L.A

“In my days, we had to treat our teachers with honor in order to study. Today in the USA, we have to treat our students like sheikhs in order for them to study.” – Qadi Saab

Islamic Scholarship Funds

I was recently privy to the beginnings of a project to establish a scholarship fund for seekers of knowledge. In particular, there was the sentiment of financially facilitating the path of study for those who have the potential to make relevant the eternal religious truths in a contemporary manner, which is practical as well as […]

Sheikh ibn Taymiyyah Man of God (Part 2)

by Dr. Ahmed al-Raysouni | Translated by Suhaib Webb Sheikh ibn Taymiyyah Man of God: Part I | Part II His Humility and Treatment of Others Even though Ibn Tamiyyah reached lofty heights regarding his knowledge and acts of devotion, he remained humble; demolishing his self worth, denying himself [any status]. Ibn al-Qayyim said, “Many […]

The Genius of Imam Bukhari and the Status of Hifz in our Ummah

Taken from the Classes of Muhaddith Tariq Ewadullah | Transcribed by Osman Umarji Students of knowledge often have a propensity for thinking very highly of themselves, and may begin giving legal verdicts and criticizing the supposed mistakes of scholars during the infancy of their quest for knowledge. The point is not to begin slamming such […]

A Brief Biography on Muhammad al-Hassan Walid al-Dido al-Shanqītī

Written by Dr. Abdullah ibn Muhammad Alhakamy, speaking of his ten year relationship with Shaykh Muhammad Alhassan. In the name of Allah, Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem All praise is due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah, and his followers and companions. These are a few lines on the life of Allaamah, […]

Lessons learned from Dr. Muhammad ‘Eshmawi al-Azhari

From the Vaults of al-Azhar Dr. Muhammad ‘Eshmawi lives in Tanta.  Two years ago a group of us were blessed to read the book he wrote, actually a poem, covering the basics of hadith sciences. Last year I continued to visit him, read with him and, all praise be to Allah, took benefit from him. […]

Is it permissible for a student to break the fast to study?

Answered by Dar Al-Ifta Al-Masriyah (The Egyptian House of Fatwa) The Question Is it permissible for a student to break his fast in Ramadan so he/she can study during his her exams? The Answer  We must distinguish between a student who can study with some difficulty, and between one who cannot study at all because […]

A True Talib ul-’Ilm (Student of Sacred Knowledge)

By Shaykh Abdul Fattah Abu Ghuddah | Translated by Shazia Ahmad 1 …And here [we will mention] another account from among the most extraordinary of narratives, which occurred with an Andalusian scholar when he traveled from al-Andalus to the East. He traveled this great distance walking on his two legs [without the help of a […]

The Superiority of knowledge and Imam al-Shatibi’s Question (may Allah have mercy upon him)

By Sh. Abdul Fatah Abu Ghuda (may Allah have mercy upon him) | Translated by Suhaib Webb Commentary on Risalatul Mustarshiden of Imam Al-Muhasibi (may Allah have mercy upon him) The Superiority of knowledge Imam Al-Shatibi (may Allah have mercy on him) wrote a letter to Abi ‘Abdillah Muhammad bin ‘Ubad Al-Nafzi (may Allah have […]