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Voices For Change

Suhaib Webb discusses the permissibility of music in light of the MAS event titled Voices of Change.

Boston Eid Khutbah

How to Approach the Qur’an

Nurturing The Family

“Until They Change What Is In Themselves”

Changing One’s Self

Answers, Directions and Horizons

Asalamu alaykum, Since the announcement, I’ve struggled with what to write and how to express myself. As an active member of the Muslim American Society and teacher at the American Islamic University, I felt it was time to lead by example. Let’s move beyond talking about unity and start living it. This video contains my […]

Introducing Islam: The Fog is Lifting

The website for The Fog is Lifting dvd can be found here Alhamdulilah may Allah reward Bridges Foundation! 1,000 of these were sent to US. soliders in Kuwait, 2,000 were sent to every US congressmen, senator and their staffs, and 6,000 were sent out, free, the first week alone. May Allah make it a source of […]

The Prophetic Legacy

Balance, Constructs and Horizons