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Living Islam in America

The Shahadah

The Trials of This Life

How to Unlock iJannah

Meet the Prophet ﷺ

Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:00:30 — 27.7MB)

Knowledge Without Limits

Imam Suhaib Webb in Sweden | April 2010 Part One Part Two

Advice by Suhaib Webb to the Converts

A talk given at the Lighthouse masjid during Imam Suhaib’s visit to California. You can listen to it on the website or right click the “Download link” and click Save File As and download it onto your computer. Part 1: Podcast: Download (Duration: 25:04 — 12.1 MB) Part 2: Podcast: Download (Duration: 30:01 — 14.4 MB) Part […]

Virtual Pulpit: Net Mosques, Congregations & Imams – Talk by Imam Suhaib Webb

Virtual Pulpit: Net Mosques, Congregations & Imams Speech by Imam Suhaib Webb at the “Islam and Media” conference, held on March 8th, 2010 at UC Berkeley. This event was the second in a series organized by UC Berkeley’s Centers of South Asia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East Studies in their year-long Islam Today program. This […]

New Audio 3 in 1: Steps Towards Revelation, Usol al-Fiqh and Tasawwuf

Recordings from a recent class Shaykh Suhaib did on Revelation, Usol al-Fiqh and Tasawwuf! Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:12:57 — 25.3MB) Text: al-Waraqaat The questions didn’t come out in the audio, so I’ve posted them here, please reference them while listening to the Q&A portion: 1. Asalamu alaikum, shaykh. I was recently having a discussion with […]

Roundtable on Social Issues with Suhaib Webb

This roundtable discussion was hosted by MAS Detroit. Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:43:45 — 42.8 MB)

The Last 10 Days: Mercy, Forgiveness, Paradise

Talk at ISOC Qiyam: Getting Back to Allah

Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:26:42– 38.8 MB)

Preparing For Ramadan

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How to Develop a Relationship with the Qur’an

Short but important advice by Shaykh Suhaib on developing a relationship with the Qur’an. Podcast: Download (Duration: 04:45– 1.8 MB)

Message for the Seekers Session 6

Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:00:25 — 23.4 MB)

Message for the Seekers Session 6 Q&A

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Message for the Seekers Session 5 Q&A

Podcast: Download (Duration: 20:52 — 5 MB)

Message for the Seekers Session 5

Podcast: Download (Duration: 59:40 — 26.4 MB)

Message for the Seekers Session 4 Q&A

Podcast: Download (Duration: 15:50 — 3.8 MB)