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Mothers – A Must See Reminder

Jazak Allah khayr to my boy Altamash for sharing this. Allah, soften our hearts. This should make us ponder, shake our hearts, and even cause us to shed a few tears.

An Exclusive Interview with Dalia Mogahed!

After an engaging discussion with Irshad Manji that left Irshad “ruminating,” Dalia Mogahed is back with an exclusive interview only at! Podcast: Download ( 40:52 — 13.6 MB)

Muslim’s Civic Responsibility

- By Rep. Keith Ellison      

Drops from Surah al-‘Asr: Today’s Khutbah

The Case for Political Participation

  – The Case for Political Participation by Suhaib Webb (mp3)  Ruling on Political Participation by Suhaib Webb (mp3) –  

Honoring Imam W.D Mohammad: Slide Show of His Janazah

Asalamu alaykum, May Allah reward the one who did such an excellent job of taking these pictures. Click Here.

Advice to Young Sisters

    By Imam Faheem Shuaibe   Update: Click on the Image for an MP3 version of the talk (it was previously real audio format).

Rising to the Occasion

An electrifying talk by an illuminated brother: Sh. Usama Cannon. This talk was given at the MAS Youth Qiyam in Santa Clara two nights ago to over 400 young people.  

Amy Goodman Arrested at the RNC

The Obama Agenda: What are Your Thoughts on the Speech?


“Between Cisco and Sujud” Suhaib Webb

The Real Islam: Muhammad Ali