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“Muslim Youth Radicalization” Townhall Recording

In light of the recent discussions on Muslim-American radicalization, we would like to re-post our townhall on Muslim Youth Radicalization. We believe this discussion by experts in the Muslim community touched upon salient points that are relevant to the current national discourse. Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:55:00 — 41.3MB) aims to stay at the forefront on the issues […]

America vs. The Caliphate?

Podcast: Download (Duration: 22:26 — 10.8MB) After lectures at several universities, a few students asked me about the intersection of Islam and politics. Unfortunately, many associate Islam with a political agenda, a source of suspicion to many outside the Muslim community, and a cause for frustration and alienation for many within the community. We have become so […]

The Taj Mahal and the Islamic Principles of Wealth

Like the Alhambra, the Taj Mahal is a symbol of Muslim sophistication, achievement, and wealth.  And like the Alhambra, the dynasty that produced the Taj Mahal vanished not long after producing it.  We often wonder why the Ummah (global community) finds itself in its present condition–but one thing is for sure: It’s not for lack of money. […]

Protecting the Rights & Liberties of Americans: The Case for Islam

Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:24:28 — 81.1 MB) On November 5, 2010, NYU’s Center for Law and Security hosted a panel titled “Protecting the Rights and Liberties of Americans: The Case for Islam.”  As part of their annual conference, the panel brought together a number of distinguished speakers, including Imam Khalid Latif of NYU’s Islamic Center, and […]

Allah, Avatar and the Planet

Lecture by Haroon Moghul | in collaboration with ICNYU Podcast: Download (Duration: 26:59 — 25.9MB) More and more Americans and Westerners are suspicious of “organized religion”.  But Americans remain deeply spiritual, and continue to express a desire for a meaningful life of transcendence.  The environmental movement represents one such trend: Re-connecting with Mother Earth, seeing all life as part […]

What Muslims Should Sound Like

In collaboration with ICNYU Podcast: Download Every day, it seems, more and more negative images of Islam and Muslims pour into our media.  It’s not too hard to imagine what words come to mind when our fellow Americans think of our religion, and we can see around us the effects of our inaction.  We don’t tell our […]

What is the meaning of the 99 names of Allah by Sheikh Kifah Mustapha

Audio: 2008 | 2010

An Exclusive Interview with Dalia Mogahed!

After an engaging discussion with Irshad Manji that left Irshad “ruminating,” Dalia Mogahed is back with an exclusive interview only at! Podcast: Download ( 40:52 — 13.6 MB)

Muslim’s Civic Responsibility

- By Rep. Keith Ellison      

Drops from Surah al-‘Asr: Today’s Khutbah

The Case for Political Participation

  – The Case for Political Participation by Suhaib Webb (mp3)  Ruling on Political Participation by Suhaib Webb (mp3) –  

Advice to Young Sisters

    By Imam Faheem Shuaibe   Update: Click on the Image for an MP3 version of the talk (it was previously real audio format).

Rising to the Occasion

An electrifying talk by an illuminated brother: Sh. Usama Cannon. This talk was given at the MAS Youth Qiyam in Santa Clara two nights ago to over 400 young people.  

“Between Cisco and Sujud” Suhaib Webb

Commentary on the 18th Chapter Part 3

  Download the mp3 version of part 3 of Surah Kahf: Surah al-Kahf Part 3.mp3 Previous parts: Surah al-Kahf Part 1.mp3 Surah al-Kahf Part 2.mp3