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Hajj: A Golden Dream

By Ishrat Ali A Short Story Once in a small town lived a beautiful Muslimah named Aisha. Her beauty was the imaan (faith) in her heart that completed her character. Her hijab was her crown, her excellent manners her garment; Aisha’s gracefulness and compassion were such that they were like diamonds that shimmered inside of […]

I Prayed for Peace Today

I found myself praying for peace today. I’ve been in and out of my mind a thousand times I know You heard me. I know I wasn’t alone in that room, shaking with the fear of fear, the harrowing loneliness. I cried out to You on my hands. On my knees. With my face pushed […]

The Boy with a Dream

By Ishrat Ali A Short Story In the city of Damascus, lived a young man named Abdullah. He was known for his kindness and diligence. If anyone would call him for help, he would help them even it was the middle of the night. He loved his mother and father very much. They both were […]

Glimpses of Paradise

by Raiiq Ridwan Glimpses into the World of the Unseen: I | II | III | IV | V | VI | VII | VIII Close your eyes and imagine this: Eternal bliss; Your every wish at your finger tips and more… Perched on a throne, near a stream; So serene and exquisite a scene You’ve […]

I Sought Counsel

I’ve sought counsel from numerous people – About me: My life. My hurt. My pain. My joy. – On all the different things I see; I went to them seeking counsel, in how to please the One above, How to live a life for Him – not out of force – but love. I’ve gotten […]

Until I see You

by Ammar AlShukry You’re the best person I’ve ever known, the best friend I’ve never met Your sincerity to me is blinding enough to completely canvas the world around me with drapes that read, respect, honor, focus, protect… and leaving a window so that I can zoom in on the important things, and yet those […]

Interview with Ammar Alshukry

1.       When did you start writing poetry? The first time I started writing anything was in college. I would scribble in my notebook about how I didn’t want to be in a certain class (calculus for example).  I appreciated poetry before but it was limited to reading. 2.       How do you encourage others to  experiment […]


By Hamdi Farah Death does not scare me, What makes me tremble with fear, and fills me with pain and anxiety, Is what waits for me in the next life of eternity. Have I really done enough? Have I fulfilled my purpose of life? Was I a good and obedient slave? Or will my punishment […]

Angry Hijabi

by Aasiyah Abdul Musawwir let me be frank with you, buzz-cut Mao-quoting tattoo-bearing gender and women studies major, waving your flag of female liberation up in my face – no, Man (with a  capital “M”) has not colonized my mind. no i am not beaten, abused, or subjugated by my heinous male relatives. and the […]

Umm and Ummah

by Aasiyah Abdul Musawwir Arabic, you are the tongue of my spirit And Wallahi, it is no coincidence that umm, “mother,” and Ummah, “community,” come from the same root. I talk a lot about this hijab… You ask me if it is mandated – I will tell you it is essential, life-giving, the umbilical chord […]

The Stab

Don’t grieve at the stab. It’s only meant to free you. From the chains that bind you to the earth and shackle you to the shadows of people. The mirage of water cannot quench. But is so beautiful to the thirsty. I’m afraid. Of never knowing another life. Different. So different. If I let go, […]

If We Remembered Our Akhirah

By Nadya Aweinat If we remembered our Akhirah, would our lives be the same? Would our interactions change? Would we wallow in our pain? If we remembered our Akhirah, Would the petty things matter? Would our focus be scattered? Would formalities flatter? If we remembered our Akhirah, would we sit around bored? Would we for […]

le chemin confus: Omar Moqeet

le chemin confus by Omar Moqeet*   holier than thou response the imperfect doesn’t require a hand to save it from falling off the cliff the true journey le chemin confus   of the two roads that diverged in the yellow wood it is the one most traveled imagine frost’s surprise   eschew the upper echelon.. the product of the smokeless […]

A Du’a to Allah

Your Mercy enlightened my soul; I found my purpose, and my reason, You are my treasure, my light and my hope, My tears of anguish, bring sweetness to my sorrows, I fear Ya Allah, happiness in this world, may take me away from Your remembrance,

The Story of A Farmer and His Watermelon

By Zabrina A. Bakar   I was reading the newspaper today about a man who was charged for lying in the court. Despite the vow to ‘say the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth’ he still gave wrong information in the court. Of course, it just took a few days before the […]

Ice Cubes and Candles

By Zabrina A. Bakar My dearest friend called me yesterday. She was having a bad day, you know, the type that qualifies for ‘rock-bottom, and then me’ kind of day. As she was ‘passionately’ describing her ‘memorable moments’ of the day, it was clear that her emotions were running high and her thoughts were all […]

Live an Extraordinary Life!

By Zabrina A. Bakar I was talking to one of my parent’s long life friend. She has always amused me with her positive and never-say-die attitude in life – an amazing woman whom, I think, has a determination like a steel. She has gone through many ups and downs but, if you talk to her, […]

What’s your plan for next week

By Fred Amir Next week, Ramadan is over. The devils are unchained and already planning to make us weak in our iman and keep us from doing good deeds. So what’s your plan for next week? What is my plan for next week?