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An Archaeology Of Milestones: Re-reading the thought of Sayyid Qutb

Sayyid Qutb in Jail The history of Islamic thought in the later part of the 2oth century is riveted in series of  problems that are the consequence of the absence of a manifestation of Islamic principles, norms and values on a societal level. The intellectual Sayyid Qutb tried to map this reality by drawing from […]

The Obama Era and Popular Trends in Contemporary Western Islamic Efforts

We recently witnessed the fall out of the , extreme, Salafi da’wah and then the Kabbani cult. These fall outs introduced the rise of “traditionalisms” and now, we can safety say,  we are in the era of post-traditionalism. The Islamic movement too has been plagued by various diseases. The questions of pertinence that we must […]

Reforming The Logic Of Islamic Movement Part 3: The Three Tiered Basis For Revival: Education, Formation and Cultivation

The foundational moment of revival begins when we become conscious of the need to stand before the threshold of knowledge. When the human being struggles (mujahada) to traverse the path to overcome ignorance (jahil) in its various manifestations then revival (tajdid) begins, life is restored. The Prophetic model teaches us that knowledge, to be effective, […]

Reforming The Logic Of Islamic Movement Part 2: Rays Of Guidance From Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi (r)

The Strategy And Logic of Reform  No Muslim can say that there is no need to reform the degraded and stagnant condition of the Ummah. We shall now, InshAllah, indicate the way by which the Ummah may achieve the incumbent reformation. At the outset it should be understood that the change, the revolution which, the […]

Reforming The Logic Of Islamic Movement Part 1

1924 is a symbolic event for a good many given that it was the moment in which political power was ceded by force from the hands of Muslims. As a consequence Muslims in the East lost the ability to maintain their political sovereignty and then the vibrancy of Islamic thought, the intellectual life was surrendered. […]

Laying The Groundwork For Revival and Reform: The Reconstruction of Islamic Thought In Light Of The Objectives Of The Meccan Revelation

Imam Shatibi (r) understood the Meccan phase of revelation to be a formative stage in the history of Islam rather than an initial and incomplete stage of revelation. The Meccan  phase of revelation is a foundational in which the transmission of fundamentals occurred.  Imam Shatibi (r) holds that the “the higher aims and purposes of […]

A Brief Look At The Senses Of Literacy In The History Of Islamic Legislation

In the era of the Companions (sahaba) the learned were termed “Qur’aa” -the literate ones. In a later phase, in the history of Islamic legislation, the terms Ulema and Fuqaha appeared. These were terms that denoted a class possessed of technical knowledge. After this age emerged the age of taqlid and then a period of […]

Without Maqasid ash-Shar’iah Fiqh Is Not Fiqh And The Scholar Of Fiqh Is Not A Scholar Of Fiqh By Dr. Ahmad Raysuni (h)

“Upon a survey of Islamic jurisprudence (al-fiqh al-islami), we find various tendencies, which have entrenched themselves. Of these tendencies, we find a tendency inclined toward an exaggeration in stringency by expanding the sphere of the prohibited (haram) under the claim of preventing wrongdoing. This effect is achieved by [constant] recourse to the legal mechanism of […]

The Fallacy Of The “Hijra” Fatwa

In the past few years the fatwaordering Muslims to make hijra (migrate) from the lands of Kufr to Dar al-Islamis an oft quoted fiqhi opinion transmitted from Islamic scholarly tradition. The validity of this opinion or this option for a Muslim today ought be examined from variety of angles: Firstly from a fiqhi perspective along with the rationale underlying the juristic reasoning governinghijra. Secondly, […]

Hip Hop In The Muslim World! Our Youth Are Beginning To Look To America’s Urban Youth For Orientation

Casablanca Break Dancers (Morocco) Islam is strange in the land… We have a new neighbor now in my zone turned “hood” you read correctly “hood” the phenomena of hip hop and the culture of the inner cities of America is becoming more apparent in the lands of Islam, in the Middle East.

On Engaging Modernity: Beyond Symbolic Critique Towards A Robust Assessment (Part I)

  Descartes’ analysis of star systems, circa 1644. S is the sun, epsilon is a star, RQD… is a comet’s path. The Form Of Principled Critique: Characterization Before Deconstruction In principle, and according to sound research method when dealing with modernity we must first look to: a.) its history (the development of modernity: causes and […]

We Want That Old School Boom Bap: When Knowledge Was Learned Like People Memorize Commericals, Movies, Songs And Rap!

Getting back to the three things that brought about literacy in the Muslim world 1.) learning large portions of knowledge by rhyme 2.) memorizing the Qur’an and writing it and knowing how to recite it well 3.) beginning the path of knowledge at a young age

Brief Notes On The Fundamentals Of Islamic Revival: Abul Hussein

Brief Introduction To The Matter At Hand In the struggle for interpretative dominance and the debate regarding how to proceed in the process and activity of da’wah and education (both core aspecs of Islamic Revival) many issues present themselves and often in a quite unsystematic, frenzied matter. At this point we need clarity, i.e., this […]

A Call For Integrity And Introspection: Revival, Responsibility And Education

Dr. Abdul Hakim Murad (h) said: “In the twentieth century, however, the traditional pragmatism of Sunnism seemed to generate an ulema ethos that was certainly not quietist, but had nothing in common with Qutbian Islamism either. Hence the Deobandi movement in India, and its Tablighi offshoot, supported the Congress party, and generally opposed Partition. Arab […]

Engaging The Difficult Task Of Cultivating Brotherhood: Thoughts on al-Ghazzali’s work

[Of the most difficult engagements today is to engage other human beings at the level of the heart and love with sincere attention and refined manners. I suppose this is not a new affair given that Imam Ghazalli {r} spoke regarding this matter sometime ago and there is a text documenting what he said regarding […]

Beyond The Literalism And Rationalism Debate: Prompting The Rise Of Ahl as-Sunnah Wa’l Ja’mah And Responding To The New Mu’tazila [The Liberal Da’wah]

In Path To Eden: Reopening The Way To Paradise [Refining The Thought Of The Student Of Shar’iah] With the decline of Islamic educational institutions in the Sunni world came a decline in the intellectual rigor necessary and demanded of a scholar capable of addressing the needs of his age. Put differently the decline in the […]