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Love, Sweat and Honor

Translated by Suhaib Webb Mālik mentioned that a man related to him the statement of Imām Sa’īd bin Muṣayyib:1 “If I could, I would travel all night to collect one narration of the Prophet (pbuh).” Muhammad ibn Rushd wrote: “This is an example of his sacrifice and struggle in acquiring the knowledge of hadith and […]

Guiding Rule on the Islam/Culture Debate

Translated and Adapted by Yusuf Rios (Abul Hussein) Principle #16 of the Tract on the 20 Principles of Understanding: Corrupt practices and customs which are common among people do not change the reality of terms in the Shari`ah nor their aims and meaning. Rather, we must assess and ascertain with certainty the meaning of terms […]

Can We Celebrate Independence Day?

Answered by Shaykh Abdullah Bin Bayyah | The Question: Is it allowable to celebrate a holiday that commemorates the independence of my country? The Answer: A holiday [that commemorates] the independence of a country is not a [religious] holiday. The holidays which are forbidden [for Muslims] to observe are those with religious overtones, such as […]

What is The Ruling Regarding a Women Going to Hajj Without a Mahram?

Answered by Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi | Translated by Sister Marwa The original rule stipulated in shari’a that a woman is not to travel alone.  Rather, she has to be accompanied by her husband or any other mahram of hers.  This rule is supported by narrations of Bukhari and others that Ibn-Abbas (ra) said, that the […]

Freedom of Religion and Apostasy in Islam

By Dr. Ahmed Raysounī | Translated and Abridged by Suhaib Webb This topic, as noted in the title, addresses two issues: The first relates to freedom of religion in the general sense, namely, the right to choose ones faith prior to becoming Muslim. In this scenario there is absolutely no doubt that a person can embrace […]

Sheikh ibn Taymiyyah Man of God (Part 2)

by Dr. Ahmed al-Raysouni | Translated by Suhaib Webb Sheikh ibn Taymiyyah Man of God: Part I | Part II His Humility and Treatment of Others Even though Ibn Tamiyyah reached lofty heights regarding his knowledge and acts of devotion, he remained humble; demolishing his self worth, denying himself [any status]. Ibn al-Qayyim said, “Many […]

Thoughts on The Splitting of The Ummah

Answered by Muhammad Hassan al-Dido al-Shanqiti | Translated by Suhaib Webb The Question: Can you comment on the hadith that talks about the splitting of the Muslim nation into 73 sects? The Answer: Pertaining to the statement of the Prophet (pbuh) that, “the Jews split into seventy one sects, and the Christians split in to […]

On Obama’s Speech by Sh. Ali Guma Grand Mufti of Egypt

By Dr. `Ali Gom`a | Translated by Sr. Marwa I listened to the well-prepared speech of the US President Barack Obama in Cairo University last Thursday.  In fact, it is a good start of the mutual relationships between the Muslim World and the United States.  In his speech, President Obama referred to civilization’s debt to […]

Drinking from the Genius of Imām al-Sindī and His Commentary on al-Bukhāri’s S̩ahīh

by Imām al-Sindī | Translated by Suhaib Webb Imām al-Sindī, Abū al-Hasan Nūr al-Dīn Muhammad bin ‘Abū al-Hādī al-Sindī was born in Sind around the 11th century A.H. Known for his keen intellect and analytical skills, he became widely respected and taught in the Prophet’s (pbuh) masjid for a number of years. He died 1138 A.H […]

The Genius of Imam Bukhari and the Status of Hifz in our Ummah

Taken from the Classes of Muhaddith Tariq Ewadullah | Transcribed by Osman Umarji Students of knowledge often have a propensity for thinking very highly of themselves, and may begin giving legal verdicts and criticizing the supposed mistakes of scholars during the infancy of their quest for knowledge. The point is not to begin slamming such […]

What does the term “Ahl al Sunna wa al Jama’ah” mean, and what is the difference between the two terms?

Sh. Muhammad al-Hasan al-Walid al-Dido al-Shanqītī | Translated by Osman Umarji The Question What does the term “Ahl al Sunna wa al Jama’ah̄” (“People of the Sunna and Community”) mean, and what is the difference between the two terms?1 The Answer This term (used in the question above) does not appear in the Qur’an or the […]

What is the Ruling on Seeking Divine Aid from Other than Allah, even if it were a Prophet?

Answered by Sh. Muhammad al-Hasan Walid al-Didō al-Shanqītī | Translated by Suhaib Webb The Question: What is the ruling on seeking divine aid from other than Allah, even if it were a Prophet? (peace be upon them) The Answer: Allah says in the Qur’an, “That is Allah, your Lord; to Him belongs sovereignty. And those whom […]

Can we know about Heaven and Hell through dead people?

Sh. Muhammad al-Hasan Walid al-Dedew al-Shanqītī | Translated by Shaykh Yahya Ederer The Question1: What is your opinion about those who claim to have met dead people stating that they know which of them will go to Heaven and Hell? The Answer: The Importance of Revelation The reality of those who passed on to the first phase of […]

Shaykh al-Dido on the Sects of the Umma

Shaykh Muhammad al-Hassan Walid Dido al-Shanqiti | Translated by U. Abdullah The Question Are the sects that are mentioned by the Prophet in the Ḥadīth to remain in the hellfire forever? And is there any way in which it is possible for the Ahl al-Sunna to be united with them?1 The Answer The statement of the […]

On Islamic Groups and Unity

by Muhammad al-Hassan Walid al-Dido al-Shanqītī | Translated and Abridged by Suhaib Webb The Question: It is well known that there are a large number of Islamic groups. What is your advice regarding those groups who fall under the generality of the Qur’an and Sunna [Claming them as their point of reference] but differ in their […]

When is it Permissible to Follow Another Madhab?

By Ibn Juzay al-Mālikī  | Translated by Suhaib Webb It is permissible to move from one Madhāb to another if three conditions are met: One is certain of the knowledge and virtue of the one whose opinion he follows One does not follow the dispensations [Ar. Rukhaṣ] of a school One does not combine [the […]

Is Wearing the Niqāb Obligatory for Women?

By Yūsuf al-Qaraḍāwī | Translated by U. ʿAbdullah The Question: We have read what you have written in defense of the niqāb, in response to the attacks of those who say that the niqāb is an innovation (bidʿa) that was introduced to Muslim society, and has nothing to do with Islām; and you demonstrated that the view that […]

Money Earned before Islam from Forbidden Sources

Answered by Shaykh Muhammad Hassan al-Shanqītī | Translated by Suhaib Webb Question: What happens to the money I earned before my conversion to Islam if it came from forbidden sources? Answer: When someone enters Islam, then what was his before his Islam, is his after it. This means, anything he owned prior to his conversion […]

How al-Shattibi Studied

By Dr. ‘Ammar al-‘Awani | Translated by Suhaib Webb   “Godly inspired talents are gifts from Allah bestowed upon His servants. However, these gifts, if not refined and directed by a sound and well defined educational method, will bring about limited fruits of action that fail to reach others. Imam al-Shattibi, with his blessed intellect, […]

Imam Ibn Taymiyyah: Man of God

Part I | Part II By Dr. Ahmad al-Raysoni | Translated by Suhaib Webb “Ibn Taymiyyah was well known as a unique scholar; abundant in knowledge, magnanimous in his understanding, strong in proofs and a shining light. Most people are unaware that he was the possessor of lofty religious stations, pure spiritual states and sincere […]