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The End is Near: Turn Back to Allah

The driver was playing Qur’an. My husband, brother and I got into the microbus heading back from Palestine to Cairo, and rode almost silently with the five other male passengers, passing through the desert and listening to the Qur’an only hours before it would be time to break our fast. As iftar approached, one of […]

Preparing for the Month of Mercy

Spanish Version A lot of us yearn to prepare for Ramadan, but we have no idea how to start. Below are a few tips to insha’Allah (Allah willing) help prepare our minds and hearts for this upcoming Month of Mercy. Make the Intention Simple to do, with a powerful impact. Maybe you want to prepare […]

New Best Friend

It was around 10am when my six-year-old first grader said, “Teacher! I want to recite Surat al-Mulk in front of the class!” Surat al-Mulk is title that refers to a chapter from the Quran; surah means chapter; al-Mulk means dominion. “Insha’Allah (God willing) at story time,” I promised. Story time is at the end of […]

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

What do you think of when you see a sister who isn’t wearing hijab? How about a brother who is laughing with many girls? Ever look down on them? Think you’re better than them? It’s easy to be self-righteous. It’s even easier to fall prey to this attitude if you sport the ‘righteous’ look. But […]

Allah is Always Ready for You

“My iman (faith) is really low,” a sister recently expressed to me. “There was a point in my life where I tasted the sweetness of being connected with Islam and Allah, but I just don’t feel anything any more. And I see the effect it has on me. I’m doing things I’m not supposed to […]

Set the Trend!

I just got off the phone with Umm Abdullah. “Wallahi, ehna mutaaban khaalis – We’re so, so tired,” she told me. Umm Abdullah is the wife of a bawab (apartment keeper) of the old apartment building in Egypt I used to live in. They have four kids, three of whom are under the age of […]

“What Your Child Needs…”

“You’re right,” I told her, “It is something to cry about.” I had just been speaking with a sister who seemed to be a single mom. She is a full time student and struggling to raise her five year old son while pursuing a degree in a hard-core major program. I asked her what her […]

THE Solution! :: At Tawbah

Malik ibn Dinar, may Allah be pleased with him, narrated: I read in some of the books of wisdom that Allah Most High says: “Indeed, I am Allah, the King of kings. [The kings] hearts are in my Hand. So whoever obeys Me, I will put in the hearts of those who rule over them […]

The Lost Treasure – Zeal for the Quran

We were in Masjid Al Azhar, and my apartmentmates and I were just invited by a girl who was probably six or seven to grab knowledge with Shaykh Ahmed Amr, a famous Qari in Egypt. We literally jumped at the opportunity…and so did hundreds before us. We piled into the men’s area of the masjid […]

Sibaway’s Dream: “Be patient, for indeed patience is light from Allah”

Within five minutes of class I began to feel angry. I had an exam to move onto the next level in Arabic within the hour and I had not spent enough time studying. I was angry at my lack of preparation, angry at the walk to the markaz, angry at ila akhirih [etc]… subhanAllah just […]

How do We Deal with Domestic Abuse?

Scenario 1: SubhanAllah, watching this scene literally broke my heart. In my justice studies class last year we watched a clip of a movie which portrayed what we had been studying at the time (intimate partner violence). The background of the scene was that a brother and a sister of an abusive father had heard […]

It’s Never too Late!

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem Wa salatu wa salama ‘ala Rasulilah I had finally reached the elevator of my apartment building after a long walk from the markaz in the hot Egyptian sun. I was thirsty, I hadn’t eaten since breakfast, and after five hours of Arabic class, my head was spinning and I just wanted to […]

How To Help Gaza in 48 Hours

wa salatu wa salam ‘ala sayyidina Muhammad salAllahu alayhi wa sallama as Salamu alaykum wa RahmatuAllahi wa Barakatahu, Here’s the plan for the next 48 hours. With Allah’s Help, inshaAllah we can all make an enormous difference in a short amount of time.


It was the first night of Ramadan. I was so excited about going to the masjid for taraweeh and enjoying every moment of this month of forgiveness. But no matter how hard I tried to do that, my thoughts were continually disrupted. While I sat and followed the Shaykh’s recitation of surah al Baqarah, I […]