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What is the importance of spirituality in articulating Islam in the West?

Aside from fastidious academic notions of the ‘West’, it is satisfactory for us to define the ‘West’ as “Europe and the largely English-speaking nations of North America, Australia and New Zealand”. The spirituality of Islam is a profound experiential reminder to human beings about their origin, reality, and ultimate destination. This call to the heart […]

A Weekend With Shaykh Akram Nadwi

  Through the grace of God, the weekend of 14-15 March 2009 saw the visit of Shaykh Akram Nadwi to the north of England (may God bless him, preserve him and increase him and us through him). This was a truly blessed experience that began with a one-day course on Abu Bakr Khara’iti’s Makarim al-akhlaq […]

On Trials

The arrival of the new year, 1 January 2009, was welcomed in my part of the world with playful and cheerful fireworks; yet there is a painful reminder that there are other people in the world whose lives are currently interacting with a less benign variant on fire. To remind and reflect on such realities […]

Reflections upon an Intensive with Shaykh Akram Nadwi

I was recently blessed with another opportunity to attend a course with Shaykh Muhammad Akram Nadwi (may Allah bless, preserve and increase him); namely a one-day study of Imam Tahawi’s al-‘Aqidah at-Tahawiyya, in London on 3 August 2008. This man is a rare entity: an expert scholar who can communicate directly and effectively in English. […]

Islam in the West

Islam in the West By Andrew Booso I have an aversion to prefixing Islam with an adjective, such as Western or European. Like so many of my positions, this personal distaste is perhaps due to the words of Shaykh Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi in his From the Depth of the Heart in America, where he […]

The Essence of Dominant Economics

The quality of modern media has been such that many obscene inequities of the globe have been brought to the starkest light. An essential part of this tale has been the failure of dominant economics to bring forth a just social order. Recently, the role of bankers – and their supposed greed – has come […]

The Monumental Sunni Pledge

The essential point of the ‘Pledge of Mutual Respect and Co-operation Between Sunni Muslim Scholars, Organisations, and Students of Knowledge’ – published in Ramadan 2007 on many websites, including (posted 22 September) – is, to a large extent, to temper the theological controversy between ‘Ash’aris’ and ‘salafis’ in the West. These two aforementioned groups […]

Review of the Islamist [complete review]

Part One There was a certain amount of clamor before the actual publication of Ed Husain’s Islamist (London: Penguin, 2007). Moreover, the fact that Penguin considered it worthy of printing and the Sunday Times, I believe, had run two weeks’ worth of extracts certainly made the publication more appealing. The author is a troubled soul, […]